1. avatar N-Gen
    Anyone able to offer advice on a project im doing? So far its in bits and pieces but hopefuly it'll bloom into something.

    Mostly its to do with creating drum loops e.g. Aphex Twin or drum 'n' bass style on Pro Tools. Any takers?

    Any advice or critique elsewhere welcome

  2. avatar N-Gen
    BUMP, anyone got any info for me?
  3. avatar JTM
    I liked the Old Interlude track, as it was a bit more atonal and abstract, UCON didn't really go anywhere musically but was well put together, and I was waiting for an absolutely monster 2-step breakbeat to come in and launch First Attempts.

    On the whole, promising start, now I'd go and think about some beats maybe, or if you're going to keep it ambient and beatless, some interesting noises to listen to and flesh the tracks out.