1. avatar Mexico
    Im 19 have own car and gear been playing for a few years am bustin ma nuts trying to get into a band at them mo. IN the newcastle/bryansford//castlewellan general area

    influences include audioslave/ratm/electric 6/bloodhound gang/charlotte hetherly/blur/graham coxon/rhcp/janes addicition etc etc

    serious people need only apply btw

    :-D Laters
  2. avatar Mexico
    oh can also sing(Kinda) and write lyrics and shizzle
  3. avatar *Russell*
    seriously people this guy would be a great contribution to a band, can keep the beat and great songwriting qualitys.
  4. avatar *Russell*
    oh and great craic as well
  5. avatar Mexico
    Awk shucks

    Ps bump
  6. avatar Mexico
    Up she goes
  7. avatar Mexico
  8. avatar Mexico
    and another one :roll:
  9. avatar Mexico
    Would just want to point out i dont want to travel to belfast for practices :!:
  10. avatar Mexico
  11. avatar rentaghost
    do you have your own garage in Castlewellan?
  12. avatar Mexico
    [quote:25ed9a55cd="rentaghost"]do you have your own garage in Castlewellan?[/quote:25ed9a55cd]

    haha no :-D

    i dont like prog and can travel just dont want to spend an hour driving each way
  13. avatar greensleevesisgod
    You don't like Prog? Burn the Heathen!
  14. avatar Mexico
    Haha :-D
  15. avatar *Russell*
    awk people come on, this guy is the soundest bloke u could meet like. good craic, good songwriter and good on the drums. need i say more?
  16. avatar Mexico
    Cheers son