1. avatar Gavin
    My first post!
    Electric Eel Shock: anyone else psyched?! :)

    (Oh and St Dudes, natch!)
  2. avatar Joeplaysthedrums

    9pm. Get down.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
  4. avatar thefatson
    Just checked them out for the first time on you tube there and they frickin rock, count me in.

    Early Black Sabbath is my God! How can you go wrong with lyrics like that?
  5. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz

    \m/ \m/

    nice one Joeplaysthedrums and co!

    YOU Bástard!
  6. avatar livemusicpics.com

    and a load more @ [b][url]http://www.livemusicpics.com[/url][/b]
  7. avatar spider_jerusalem
    fucking great show!! thats all :)
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Thank Christ for EES. :smt038
    100 pure f*cking rock 'n' roll. :-D
  9. avatar Cosmo
    That was amazing!
    who was that supporting them?? i thaught they were class too
  10. avatar gl2200
    That was Saint Dude's in support.

  11. avatar whosbainejakey
    Outstanding as always. Was dying to crowd-surf all night!
  12. avatar gl2200
    Really enjoyed Saint Dude's (the main reason I went down, to be honest).

    Having seen EES twice before, their set pretty much felt like a run through of the same old thing as the last two times. Hey ho.
  13. avatar thefatson
    They surely did rock.
    Just what I needed to remind me Belfast could still rock after Mastodon.

    I'm starting to believe Saint Dudes are the best band in Belfast, and the funniest.

    Great pictures livemusicpics!
  14. avatar Gavin
    F*cking great show! Saint Dudes were on top form and EES were hugely entertaining. Great night, good to see so many people out on a Sunday night too ;)
  15. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Ah, I wish I could watch EES play every day!

    some more photos here:

  16. avatar *saz*
    didn't see the support, but i thought EES were were effing great!! really glad i went :)
  17. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    cheers to everyone who got down.

    the lads rocked. great show.