1. avatar infidelityJP
    I'm A Soldier

    Up on their myspace - [url]http://www.myspace.com/theafghanwhigs[/url]

    Fucking brilliant.
  2. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Sounds good,

    Coincidentally just bought the 'What Jail Is Like' EP and 'Congregation' today

  3. avatar whipchorus
    Just wanna post the tracklist for Unbreakable, the new compilation of the wonderful Afghan Whigs.

    Track Listing

    1. “Retarded”
    2. “Crazy”
    3. “Turn On The Water”
    4. “Debonair”
    5. “I’m A Soldier”*
    6. “66”
    7. “Be Sweet”
    8. “Come See About Me”
    9. “Uptown Again”
    10. “What Jail Is Like”
    11. “Magazine”*
    12. “I’m Her Slave”
    13. “Going To Town”
    14. “Gentlemen”
    15. “Let Me Lie To You”
    16. “John The Baptist”
    17. “Crime Scene Part One”
    18. “Faded”

    New Promo photos too up on summerskiss, now why go to all that trouble without a tour, hmm? I'm suspicious, despite everything Dulli's said regarding the reunion.
  4. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Just downloaded the 'Uptown Avondale' EP too, whiging out all day...
  5. avatar whosbainejakey
    Hog heaven baby!

    However, that tracklist is missing a few classics: Miles iz Ded, Hey Cuz, Somethin' Hot (probably their best known song!) to name but three. And White Trash Party, the best funk grunge song ever written!

    Smitty, rest easy that the CD I made you is far more comprehensive :-D
  6. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    missing 'step into the light' and 'honkys ladder' too...
  7. avatar whipchorus
    Yeah, no Miles or Something' Hot, I don't get that. Two classics right there. Honkys too, that was a 'big' single. Ok it wasn't but still a major Whigs tune.

    I am really glad Come See About Me is on there, that's one the band's best ever covers. Uptown Avondale - best Sub Pop career curveball ever.
  8. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    The BaineJakey CD as follows:

    Afghan Whigs:The New Sounds of Young America

    1. Crime Scene
    2. White Trash Party
    3. Be Sweet
    4. Something Hot
    5. Debonair
    6. Retarded
    7. Hated
    8. Hey Cuz
    9. Uptown Again
    10. My Enemy
    11. I Know Yr Little Secret
    12. What Jail Is Like
    13. 66
    14. Milez Is Dead
    15. Turn On The Water
    16. Going To Town
    17. John The Baptist
    18. Faded

    Only available at BaineJakey records.

    John The Baptist is one of the 3 greatest songs ever, especially the live version with Stevie wonder's Superstition. FACT.

    New tune sounds sweet.
  9. avatar kingmob
    What are the other two? 'One Love' by the Stone Roses and 'Bindipping Murdering Scouse Bastards' by Dirty Stevie?
  10. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    'You'll Never Work Again' by the Royal Liverpool Bindipping Work Shy Foundation and 'My Old Man's A Mass Murderer' (12in only availalbe in Belguim).