1. avatar pauldoherty
    Brad Delp, the lead singer of US rock band Boston, has been found dead at his home in New Hampshire.

    Police in the town of Atkinson responded to a call for help at 1.20pm local time on Friday and found Delp, 55, dead.

    Lt William Baldwin said in a statement the death was "untimely" and that there was no indication of foul play. Delp was apparently alone at the time.

    Police said an incident report would not be available until Monday.

    Delp sang on Boston's 1976 hits More Than A Feeling and Long Time. He also sang on Boston's most recent album, called Corporate America, released in 2002.

    He joined the band in the early 1970s after meeting Tom Scholz, an MIT student interested in experimental methods of recording music, according to the group's official website. The band enjoyed its greatest success and influence during its first decade.

    The band's last appearance was in November 2006 at Boston's Symphony Hall.

    The band's website has been taken down and replaced with the statement: "We just lost the nicest guy in rock and roll."
  2. avatar kinta1
    great band. some voice that guy had him. rem watchin a docu on them . tom schultz is an electronics wizard. he said that to him boston was just a hobby. some hobby :D
  3. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    More Than A Hobby?
  4. avatar thefatson
    This is awful, I was home alone singing along to Boston right about the time he died on Friday.

    Boston Rocks.
  5. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    :( That is terrible news. I love Boston, and adore that man's voice....a friggin' melodic powerhouse. I'm gonna listen to A Man I'll Never Be from Don't Look Back for the millionth time. R.I.P Brad.