1. avatar scott_evil
    Just looking for some advice/tips im looking to start doin some basic home recording. I have a G4 eMac and G4 PowerBook, an effects pedal that i can connect thru usb and now a midi keyboard.

    Just not sure what sort of software i should be looking for and any tips to get me started would be appreciated

  2. avatar TalkShowMan
    Get yourself over to www.tweakheadz.com , some great info there, plus generally lurking on the Sound On Sound forum and picking up tips. You could also google studiobuddy for a little downloadable program that has general recording info and tips.

    Really depends on what youre trying to record though. There's a nice vague answer for you.
  3. avatar Achey
    Maybe you could be more specific?
  4. avatar drakeguild
    Just get an M-Box I'd say.
  5. avatar scott_evil
    i think the first thing would be some advice on software, whats the best/most user friendly and any essential basic equipment ill need

    the reason i cant be more specific is because i havnt encounted a specific problem that i could ask about im just not to sure where/how to begin. So any help is appreciated
  6. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:db02866520="TalkShowMan"]Get yourself over to www.tweakheadz.com , some great info there,[/quote:db02866520]

    But dahmn, do they need to learn some web design...
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  8. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:496c0febce="drakeguild"]If you are just starting out, I would say SuperCollider.[/quote:496c0febce]For home recording, you recommend a programming language?

    If someone asked for advice on buying a car, what would you recommend - a brussell sprout?
  9. avatar Pete
    [quote:327f764154="drakeguild"]If you are just starting out, I would say SuperCollider.



    But seriously, you'll get people arguing over PC vs Mac vs Multitrack machine. You'll get people arguing Cubase vs Logic vs Pro Tools. I say pick one and get on with it. It's all about the music, not the tools. I'm a cubase user myself but I would happily swap to any of the others if I had to.

    That being said, there is no doubt that Pro Tools is seen as a "standard" and whilst the "lite" version you get with the M-Box/Digi002 etc is limited compared to the expensive HD setups it will probably do exactly what you need and more as a novice. And the interface is very simple and straight forward.

    So the suggestion above of "get an mbox" is probably a good start (unless you really want to track live drums, then you need something a bit more advanced). It will come with software to get you going. Add to that a good all round dynamic mic (a Shure SM57 is a classic choice) and a decent condensor mic (in the lower price ranges the Rode and SE Electronics stuff is great) and you're well on your way.

    As you get to grips with things and you start taking it more seriously then I would say your single most important buy would be a good set of studio monitors. Being able to clearly hear what is being recorded and played back is essential and a lot of people forget that in the rush to get expensive mics etc.
  10. avatar rik
    Hey dude.
    Unfortunately most of the programming/recording software packages require a serious investment of time to get to grips with.

    A couple I would recommend would be Ableton Live 6 and Acid Pro 6.Both have good user interfaces and you can get noises going fairly quickly with minimum of stress.

    Research and know exactly what it is that you want to do dude.Very easy to get caught up in this technology hype thing.

    Keep her simple.
  11. avatar flaresnflowers
    Does anyone know if the MBox works with USB 1.1 ok?
    My laptop is only USB 1.1 equipped and I have a wireless card poking out of my PCMCIA so aint got room for USB 2.
  12. avatar wannabeflea
    Since you've already answered the Mac vs. PC vs. Standalone question in your first post and you're looking for a beginners package (I think!), why not consider apple's garageband? If you want to move up from that in the future then you can get logic express or logic pro as the files are compatible. It's also so quite cheap.

    I bought a G5 iMac early last year and I'm using Garageband 3 (came bundled with the Mac) with a Line 6 TonePort UX2 interface. Haven't got myself a keyboard or decent mic yet though... It serves my purposes so far!
  13. avatar drakeguild
    [quote:cdae099047="flaresnflowers"]Does anyone know if the MBox works with USB 1.1 ok?
    My laptop is only USB 1.1 equipped and I have a wireless card poking out of my PCMCIA so aint got room for USB 2.[/quote:cdae099047]

    The M-Box is powered by USB 1.1
  14. avatar flaresnflowers
    even better, something else for the wish list.