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    Don't forget: 4 new tracks available for free download from http://www.myspace.com/thegreeters and http://www.last.fm/music/The+Greeters/Cosmic+Invasion
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    band links:


    uita link:

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    Keep an eye on our myspace - new TREE track comin' up soon..
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    The Greeters are on at 11pm for 30 minutes - a half hour to do your best vertical splits!

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  7. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Sweet! Lammara!

    [url]http://www.myspace.com/treeblindmice[/url] and you will hear a new recording up called 'I Cry'
  8. avatar Speed Demon
    If anyone would like to come along to this and write a review - http://www.fastfude.org/2/reviewEdit.php - we'd appreciate it. It's all very well having friends tell us "yiz were great", but a more objective viewpoint would be nice.

    But not [i:548b12ba5c]too[/i:548b12ba5c] objective maybe...

    [size=7:548b12ba5c](If you haven't got a login for the reviews, gigs, bands section of fastfude, you need to register at http://www.fastfude.org/2/userRegister.php It's not the same as your fastfude forum login.)[/size:548b12ba5c]
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    Hello all,
    Really looking forward to the gig tonight. In the van and up we go at 4pm... Should be a great night. Hope to see ye there!
    TKO :wink:
  10. avatar jenniemcc
    Really looking forward to tonight! See ya later Mic!
  11. avatar georgia
    Two clarinet players in one gig!! It'll be like the banjos from 'Deliverance'...
  12. avatar icedcoffee
    "we're the greeters, consider yourselves cordially greeted."

    "On bass, the slightly sinister, cyber-space-botherer, Steve Graham"

    two great quotes from a very original band. I really enjoyed it!
  13. avatar gl2200
    [quote:596cbac436="georgia"]Two clarinet players in one gig!! It'll be like the banjos from 'Deliverance'...[/quote:596cbac436]

    ...there was only one banjo in [i:596cbac436]Deliverance[/i:596cbac436], no?