1. avatar thefatson
    Any one ever played one or can offer importing advive?

    I really want this particular one as it looks like my first tanglewood and my current hohner made a baby:
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Where are you importing from?
  3. avatar thefatson
    They are American and they custom make them, the one I want is about $2000.
    I figure even with the vat it will cost me about as much as a new music man sterling here, the bass I previously always wanted but could never afford.

  4. avatar Danny McCormack
    Well if you import it from the States it most certainly will cost more than $2000.

    This is the formula you should use for importing -

    Cost of item: $2000
    Cost of shipping: say $150 = $2150
    Converted at today's exchange rate = £1113.53
    3.9% import duty = £1156.96
    17.5% VAT = £1359.43
    Customs Clearance Charge - Parcelforce = £13.50, DHL=£20

    So the bass will cost either £1372.93 or £1379.43 depending on the courier used.

    Of course you hear of people getting away scot-free with Customs Charges but these cases are very rare and are normally due to the stupidity of the delivery driver. You should always budget for the above anyway and if you do happen to get off with it could can always buy a new Ampeg cabinet or something flash with the money!

    In my experience certain people will mark down the value of the item for you to lower the customs charges, but a company like Zon I presume will not do this. Of course theres always the risk of losing the bass in the post and then not being able to claim back the whole value in insurance as the value was marked down.

    So - the guts of £1400 for your bass!
  5. avatar thefatson
    Thanks, that seems perfectly acceptable and still around £100 cheaper than the price you would pay for a quality bass in this country.

    I have another few months of saving though so If I can't play one of these before then I may just go for a Sterling.

    My bro also lives in the states and when I can afford it I'm thinking of just going over there guitar shopping so I can try some out or maybe get him to go looking for a zon dealer to tell me what they are like.

    Billy Gould apparently plays Zon and I like his sound/style which is how I ever discovered them in the first place.
  6. avatar Danny McCormack
    You should check out some Michael Manring, he gets some fantastic sounds from his Zon. On a more colloquial note - I believe Adam Clayton from U2 used them on occasion in the early 90's too so you'd be one of an elite club of Irish bass players to own such a bass!
  7. avatar thefatson
    Adam clayton puts me off a bit... but I still want one.

    I have a feeling I could trust their quality but would still like to try one out.
  8. avatar anty
    would it not be cheaper to have it delivered to your brother, then have him send it as a gift to you?