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    My first post!
    Hey i have a recently serviced very good condition Marshall if anyones interested.
    It’s the AVT 150 head and the AVT 4x12 slanted cab. The head has four channels and 2 sets of effects. It has 150
    watts of power so it’s loud enough to gig with.
    Here’s the link to the Marshall site if you wanna read up on it.


    I also have a D.I.Y metal flight case (looks a wee bit tatty but protects the head really well.)
    The amp comes with all its accessories including the 6 way foot switch and all leads.

    I am looking maybe £325 for all this above which includes amp head, cab, flight case, pedal and leads.

    I live in Waringstown and my mobile number is
    07743655361 so if you’re interested and want to try the amp out send me an email to perfect-crime@hotmail.co.uk or give me a buzz whichever’s easiest thanks Andrew.
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    bumpa la bump
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    I will now consider any offers or trades for other items musical or non musical