1. avatar splitscreen
    with support from Sleepers Union

    Bound for Boston - Derry
    Doors open 9pm


    [b:ef34b6a1f1]'Best New Live Music Act' [/b:ef34b6a1f1]sponsored by Radio 1 at FATE Entertainment Awards

    “a thoroughly enjoyable set of high octane rock and rock that had the dancefloor gyrating and lapping up a blitzkrieg of choppy wah-wah guitars and heavy, hands in the air chorus……..isn’t too far off Green Day at their most anthemic and melodic” FATE Entertainment Magazine

    “Splitscreen look set to follow in fellow countrymen Ash and Snow Patrol and Ash's footsteps as the Emerald Isle’s next big rock export” TOTAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

    "Huge Les Paul guitars jangle over rousing choruses in this fist pumping self-released debut. TG Rating 8/10!

    Debut album offical release in next few weeks 8)
  2. avatar splitscreen
  3. avatar Mac
    Where can i get a copy of ur album?
  4. avatar splitscreen
    The graphics are still being finalised on the album and won't be officially available to buy for a few weeks yet.
  5. avatar splitscreen
    Pity you didn't come down to Bound For Boston last nite cos we could've given you a white label copy of the album.

    What a nite it was too....Derry crowds are great!
  6. avatar splitscreen
    [quote:4f078428e2="Mac"]Where can i get a copy of ur album?[/quote:4f078428e2]
    Sure if you want to PM me your address we'll get a copy of the album in the post for you :D