1. avatar xfirefishx
    Just out from seeing these guys and they were absolutely amazing!
    Their new material is great. I wasn't sure what to expect but they are still great. The new stuff sounds really great live, perfect mix between bouncy synth and really heavy guitars. Lots of screaming, the occasional funky bass and an interesting smooth lounge-y version of... Music Box I think.

    They're playing Speakeasy on 23rd March I think. Really, really worth it - do it!
  2. avatar kingmob
    Jesus. Didn't realise they were still going!
  3. avatar ShowYourBones
    They are playing the S&A on the 24th March, I think Im gonna head to that. Not sure what to make of the new album, initially I wasnt too fussed, thought of it as a step too far (too much of a departure), but it has grown on me.
  4. avatar Smallsquare
    Great hair.
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    ONe of my favourite bands ever, and one of the best(and loudest gigs) gigs ive been to in the LL.

    Will be there with bells on. Liking the sound of a lounge version of music box.

    Kick up the fire was a overlooked masterpiece imo.
  6. avatar robot_rock
    [quote:7f81cddbbc]Kick up the fire was a overlooked masterpiece imo.[/quote:7f81cddbbc]

    I second that...
  7. avatar xfirefishx
    Yes, really, really loud - great. Listening to the studio versions of the new album you don't realise how heavy they can be or how dancey. Connect is fantastic! I'm just enthusing... And I thought of you during the gig, sacredhearts, aren't you lucky? :P

    Btw to the person who said S+A is the venue for the gig, has it been changed?
  8. avatar thesacredhearts
    Aww shucks Lou.

    Not at all cos i may or may not look like one of them?

    It was S&A from the outset, i just think a few ppl might have got their wires crossed.

    Still havent had the chance to go buy the new album. I shall this wknd though.
  9. avatar martyrocks
    'kin love this band - they are amazin.the have the wall of sound thing down to a tee. seen them in norway with biffy supportin - both bands onsatge at the end for a killer version of panzer attack. altho to be honest the new image is a bit dodgy! i cant go to the gig cos ive a weddin the same night - feckin gutted!
  10. avatar all-is-vanity
    Really into TCTC. Just a real mix of brash, sharp-edged, thrilling music.

    I booked tickets to go away to Birmingham, only to notice the poster up in Katy on Monday night...I too, am very much gutted.

    kcuf, dna kcuf...