1. avatar comprachio
    Old news i know but I just got one of the night buses from Dublin recently. Class idea. They run at 11pm, 1am, 3am and 5am. Really handy for goin to gigs.

    Best thing is that Chambers provide the late coaches so you have a toilet on board.
  2. avatar GrahamSmith
    Yeah, this is fantastic, it has made my life so so much easier!
  3. avatar chrisjedijane
    yeah, this is a great idea. I got one at 11 a couple of weeks ago - managed to get to see all of ...trail of dead at the Temple Bar Music Centre, then leg it to the Busaras in 8 minutes.

    They wouldn't let anyone use the toilets though :(
  4. avatar huggy baps
    hmm thats pretty good leek! Was thinkin of goin to see Isis in Temple Bar but wasnt sure if i could be bothered stayin in a grubby hostel. Now i dont have too, as long as i dont wanna piss that is...
  5. avatar ryanego
    Im in Dublin a lot but havnt used these buses yet, when you guys were on them were they busy?
    Hopefully theyre doing sufficiently well to justify themselves :-)
  6. avatar Danny McCormack
    What route do they take? Straight from Dublin to Belfast or do they stop in any stations along the way?
  7. avatar icedcoffee
    This is a good idea, though I hate going to dublin and not spending a little more time there. I mean, it only costs £12 to spend a night in a [url=http://www.isaacs.ie/isaacs_hostel/]hostel[/url]

  8. avatar Gogs
    Well you're still allowed to do that if ywant. Are you on commission or s'thing? :p
  9. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Notwithstanding that Dublin costs the f**king earth to even eat in as well.
  10. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Yeah, a £12 for a hostel, £12 for breakfast, £12 for a couple of pints and a packet of nuts. I've never left Dublin without the depreciated experience of feeling like an emptied out ATM.
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    It's definitely cheaper to chow down in Muff.
  12. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Indeed. And during the annual festival you can get up to a dozen turns on the rides, all for the price of a bag of chips.
  13. avatar Ratoot
    Handy also for catching flights in Dublin Airport without the need for an overnight hotel stay!

    Great Idea!
  14. avatar icedcoffee
    Yes thats true, dublin is expensive. Was there for 3 nights last weekend. I took out €300 at first cos I got my currency conversion a bit wrong; this was more than double what I planned to spend. I ended up spending it all, plus an extra €40. Woops.
  15. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Also what is it with cash machines down there - minimum withdrawl €50?? Here's me - actually wait, I dont have a choice do I.
  16. avatar chrisjedijane
    I've noticed that too - I wanted to get 20 euro out of the machine a couple of weeks ago, and none of the machines on Grafton street would let you take out anything less than 50...
  17. avatar icedcoffee
    with the high cost of everything... it wont last too long anyway.