1. avatar Stu TRC
    Rinka will be in the Black Box on Friday the 30th of March as part of the Belfast Film Festival


  2. avatar MtCaramel
    They could have chosen alot better and alot worse than coffee and cigarettes.
  3. avatar Stu TRC
    my breakfast this morning could have been a lot better and a lot worse - whats your point?

    What would have been better?
  4. avatar Eddie
    Coffee and Cigarettes is a cool wee film.

    "Bill Groundhog-Day, Ghostbustin'-ass Murray!"
  5. avatar whipchorus
    It's all about Waits and van der Iggy.

    ''He ain't on here either''
  6. avatar Stu TRC
    friday week
  7. avatar Stu TRC
    This is the Guardians pick of the week for Belfast
  8. avatar The Black Tokens
    brilliant Stu. we recommend everyone gets their arses down to this
  9. avatar MtCaramel
    [quote:67fbc023eb="Stu TRC"]my breakfast this morning could have been a lot better and a lot worse - whats your point?

    What would have been better?[/quote:67fbc023eb]

    What I mean is, its just seems to be chosen as a generic indie flick. Its an OK wee film as been already stated, but a couple of the shorts drag really. Its just its all terribly smug about itself really in parts. And its just a really unadventurous choice.
  10. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Do you need to prebook tickets, or is paying on the door viable?
  11. avatar thefatson
    Will smoking be available during Coffee and cigarettes? Coffee would be good too but beer will do.
    If I can smoke I'll go, and I'll smoke like a nazi.
  12. avatar Stu TRC
    Answers in reverse order

    1. Smoking is allowed (not for much longer though), Coffee and Beer are both available, and the Bar is open late until 1.00am (not 11.00pm as is sometimes the case in the black box)

    2. There are no prepay tickets so just pay at the door! People on Myspace [url]http://www.myspace.com/stu_trcpromotions[/url] can message me for £4 entry. If you are not on myspace send me a PM for the same.

    3. Coffee and Cigarettes, wasn't the most daring choice granted. Up until now I have mostly chosen films related to a specific artist, with live performances a key feature. I thought C & C would appeal to a wider film festival audience as well as regular rinka goers and live music fans. I more than welcome suggestions for a more adventurious choice ( that people will actually go to ) for future Rinka nights
  13. avatar thefatson
    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9-n9gpFVpk]Liquid Sky[/url]!
  14. avatar Stu TRC
    this friday!! any more suggestions?
  15. avatar scott_evil
    What about 'Storytelling' by Todd Solondz? great film, great performances and has a kick ass soundtrack by Belle and Sebastian

    i think C&C is a great choice anyway
  16. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Would like to get to this...anybody know roughly what time 'Coffee and Cigarettes' will be screening? Anything involving Iggy Pop and Tom Waits cannot be missed...
  17. avatar Stu TRC
    Doors are at 8.00pm the coffee & cigarettes will be on about 8.45pm

    when pilots eject at 10.30pm

    did i mention that the first copies of the Innishfree documentary will be on sale for only £6.00 - bargin!!!