1. avatar fatboy G
    £60 ono

    the green case is the first splinter cell

    pm or phone 07752443471 or mail butties36@hotmail.com

    i might be able to deliver.

  2. avatar Craig
    Hey, im interested. take £45?

    Are the games, copies? or original
  3. avatar Craig
    sorry i read this wrong thinking it was 360. Sorry, dont have an xbox have the games wont work on the 360. Good luck selling, sorry
  4. avatar MtCaramel
    Will you sell the 2 GTA games on their own?
  5. avatar fatboy G
    these will work on the 360 you will need the hard drive and a live connection (not necessarily a live gold account- the one you pay for)

    and yes i will sell the GTAs £10 and they're yours
  6. avatar MtCaramel
    Here, grand. I'll give you a ring tomorrow and sort out picking them up.

    What do I need to do on Live? I hope I can still find my ethernet cable.
  7. avatar Craig
    not ALL XBOX 360 games will work though. Only some. Need for speed on xbox wont work on 360
  8. avatar fatboy G
    when you fire the games in it will just ask to connect to live, then download a patch. i have a gold account so i'm not entirely sure how it works for silver account users

    here a list of compatible games


    and all the above xbox games are on it!!
  9. avatar fatboy G