1. avatar scott_evil
    I sold this guitar in 2007 then bought it back in 2008 and am not selling again. when i bought it back there was a little damage

    "a wee chip off the back and a wee bend in one tuner. The tuner still works fine and it'd cost nothing to fix up perfect."

    So I will take 120. Details and pics below.

    [b:49926f6869]MODEL NAME[/b:49926f6869] G5235T Jet Pro
    [b:49926f6869]SERIES[/b:49926f6869] Electromatic Series
    [b:49926f6869]COLORS [/b:49926f6869] Black Top, Walnut Stain Back and Sides,
    [b:49926f6869]BODY STYLE [/b:49926f6869] Single Cutaway
    [b:49926f6869]TOP [/b:49926f6869] Arched Laminated Maple
    [b:49926f6869]BACK AND SIDES[/b:49926f6869]Mahogany Body, 13.25" Wide, 1-7/8" Deep
    [b:49926f6869]NECK[/b:49926f6869] Mahogany, Set-In
    [b:49926f6869]PICKUPS[/b:49926f6869] 2 Gretsch® Mini Humbucking Pickups
    [b:49926f6869]PICKUP SWITCHING[/b:49926f6869] 3-Position Toggle:
    [b:49926f6869]CONTROLS[/b:49926f6869] Master Volume, Master Tone
    [b:49926f6869]FRETBOARD[/b:49926f6869] Rosewood
    [b:49926f6869][b]BRIDGE[/b:49926f6869] Adjusto-Matic™ Bridge
    TAILPIECE[/b] Bigsby® Licensed B50 Vibrato Tailpiece
    [b:49926f6869]HARDWARE[/b:49926f6869] Chrome-Plated
    [b:49926f6869]NO. OF FRETS[/b:49926f6869] 22
    [b:49926f6869]MACHINE HEADS[/b:49926f6869] Chrome-Plated Vintage Style Tuners
    [b:49926f6869]UNIQUE FEATURES[/b:49926f6869] Neo Classic "Thumbnail" Inlay Position Markers, Matching Painted Headstock,
    White Pearloid Pickguard with Gretsch® Logo,
    Knurled Strap Retainer Knobs.

    Pics http://www.musicstreet.co.uk/gretschelectromaticprojetelectricguitar-p-785.html

    they are £299 w/out the Bigsby and £369 with so id be lookin around the £200 mark

    if you want anymore info PM or post here

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  2. avatar thehellfireclub
  3. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    If that dirty dog Steve Mac fails to produce the goods.....i'm waiting behind, ready to pounce.....

  4. avatar thehellfireclub
    step back, you have numerous cool guitars already! :wink:
  5. avatar scott_evil
    Hey sorry i couldnt email you the pics, it turns out dial up connection is outdated, who knew???

    here are the pics anyway. Im based in Doagh near Ballyclare but work in Belfast, let me know what you think


  6. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    [quote:71a432c0e2="thehellfireclub"]step back, you have numerous cool guitars already! :wink:[/quote:71a432c0e2]

    never enough...

    let me know how it goes, im keen to get meself a Gretsch
  7. avatar scott_evil
    She is gone already buddy!! But if you find out the wheres and whens of the exchange im sure you could arrange some sort of tacticle ambush lol

    Seriously tho top guitar would def recommend one
  8. avatar The Black Tokens
    sure we're playing with them on TWO occasions in the next month....

    better keep his eyes peeled

  9. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Hello Dirty Guitar players,

    I'm re-selling this minus 50 because I'm a guitar beater and it now has a wee chip off the back and a wee bend in one tuner. So thats a 370 pound guitar for 150 on account of the abuse. The tuner still works fine but it'd cost nothing to fix up perfect. I'm in Belfast.
  10. avatar scott_evil
    PM sent cause i want her back!!!
  11. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Sold back to Mr Evil.
  12. avatar scott_evil
    Wee bump as she is back on the market, yeoooo!
  13. avatar Adam MD
    Dude I'll take it pm me details and we can meet up.
  14. avatar MalSass
    My first post!
    Has this been sold?
  15. avatar Adam MD
    Yeah I bought it and a great guitar it is too. Cheers Scott. Top bloke really easy to deal with. All it needed was a good setup. Now I'm just trying to decide if I'm gonna fit some Seymour Duncan p90s that I've got in the house or order some Iron Gear Rolling Mill mini hums or order some TV Jones. What do you guys think?