1. avatar Jones Project
    My first post!
    Hi my name is Chris Jones and i'm from a place called Tamworth in Staffordshire in England and am looking to book my band a date within your fantastic city of Belfast or surrounding area!
    We are a rock/pop band who are getting ready to release our debut CD in May and would love to come over to Ireland and gig with a local band and make it a cracking night.
    So i need someones help! Where are the better places to play? Who could i get in contact with?
    In exchange i'm offering a band to come play with us on our date in Tamworth at the new 500 capacity music venue called The Palace where they have already attracted such bands as BOSSK, COLON OPEN BRACKET , BRING ME THE HORIZON, RAGING SPEEDHORN, BLAZE BAILEY, SPIDER SIMPSON to name a few so if your up for it give me a shout!

    Check out the venue:
    Check out the band:

    And hopefully get something sorted!

  2. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    Can you get us a gig on the 6th of July? We'll be in that general area.

  3. avatar Jones Project
    Shouldn't be a problem i'll talk to some people and i'll get back to you. I;ll add you on My Space when Tom stops farting about with the mail thing! :-D