1. avatar RAAP Management
    Feline 1 prototype John Inman pops high heeled clogs. Quite sad about this, somehow. I think it's the Menswear connection which does it.

  2. avatar feline1
    Rula Lenska was on the news this morning, saying how nice John Inman was, what a professional.

    Does this mean she's a lezzer?
  3. avatar kingmob
    See that John Inman? You lost a fight to him. He beats you up every day.
  4. avatar Smallsquare
    He was the Queen of all our hearts, the people's princess.
  5. avatar Shane
    Oh no not this type of thread again. S'pose I have to say it. It's like a compulsion.

    Richard Whiteley is dead.
  6. avatar I'mDead
    Also buying the farm this week:

    Ernest Gallo - Winemaker extraordinaire, and king of 'Three for a tenner' plonk.

    Captain America - Comic book Icon invented as a response to Hitler, murdered by a sniper. Seems strange to kill off an American hero in these troubled times.

    John Lennon - Ex-Beatle shot in the back outside his apartment....oh, wait.
  7. avatar comprachio
    [quote:8d5ffece0b]Seems strange to kill off an American hero in these troubled times. [/quote:8d5ffece0b]

    martyr? No hero is as good as a dead hero[/quote]
  8. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Wasn't Captain America made gay and black for a brief period a few years ago, in one of those total rip-off "alternate universe" crocks Marvel like to foist on the public?

    I do remember the american nerd contingent considered him dead as of thaat point.
  9. avatar The Ronster
    A few years ago Marvel did a story about how the first attempt at making a Super-Soldier was a black man. Gay? Don't think that ever happened.

    This week in comics?

    Captain America just died. Allegedly.