1. avatar mcclurg
    Jesus christ, tons of the stuff.

    Lots of unpainted unused imperial guard (i think) and loadsa well painted space marines, chaos marines, death guard, special zombie pack thingy, and a whole lot more.
    Just gathering dust and getting in the way. £30 for the lot (and trust me, there is a lot)

    E-mail me at mcclurgoman@hotmail.com if you want more info or pictures or whatever.
  2. avatar goatboy
    So you've decided to get a life then?

  3. avatar Pete
    How very dare you! Many a joyful weekend of my youth was spent locked in futuristic battle across my mates dinning room table with a few fake trees and polystyrene hills. I regret nothing.

    Well, apart from the ridiculous amount of money I spent when I think about it.

    I gave it all to my brother and the little bastard went and threw it all out!
  4. avatar tinpot anto

    Get it inte ye!
  5. avatar mcclurg
    rofl, guitar took over i'm afraid, any yeah i spent an obscene amount of money on the stuff, so really my price here is bloody good (y)
  6. avatar Steve

    Oh Patrick, I will hit you for this tomorrow.
  7. avatar mcclurg
    now, is this *hit* me or *hit on* me? i mean, you can't trust you gays these days :P