1. avatar mcclurg
    Titles from Old to New, as below:

    Battlefield Vietnam £5
    Call of Duty £5
    Call of Duty 2 £10
    Soldier of Fortune 2 £5
    Tribes 2 £3
    Grand Theft Auto 3 £5
    Shogun total War £3
    Quake 3 £5
    Battlefield 2142 (with account) £15

    E-mail me at mcclurgoman@hotmail.com if you're interested in anything..
  2. avatar mcclurg
  3. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    I'd be [i:d183862907]really[/i:d183862907] interested in those games - but my PC wouldn't be able to run them. Could you throw in a free PC?
  4. avatar mcclurg
    dude, any pc could run half of them you gypsy :P
  5. avatar Mick Nemesis
    yip, the only one that would take some muscles is BF2142. you can get by with 512MB ram and a 128Meg video card.
  6. avatar mcclurg
    acc, i ran most of them on my old pc which was 64mb gfx card and 384mb of RAM :P and a 1.3ghz AMD duron xD so they're pretty much good for anyone :P