1. avatar Freex
    After alot of searching I found

    [url=http://www.arkflightcases.com/]ARK FLIGHT CASES[/url]
    They based in Co. Tyrone near Ballygawley
    Their site is still underconstruction.

    Very reasonably priced and will build any case to your specifications.

    You can contact ANDREW for a quote at


    Please put [b:943e8a675b]Fastfude[/b:943e8a675b] somewhere in the Subject or Email.

  2. avatar Axemadman
    All my stuff was custom flightcased by Andrew a few years ago. He does a 1st class quality job and you'll not beat him on price anywhere.

    Highly recommended.

    'Anthems of a Degeneration' now on sale

  3. avatar Freex
    Just been down to see some for Andrews work and discuss my design.

    First class cases and a really nice guy.

    I should have mine in a week or so............can't wait.