1. avatar Magog
    My first post!
    Im heading to oxegen but a friend of mine cudnt get one in time and isnt going, was wondering if there is any nice people out there willing to sell theirs to me for face value??
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    [quote:559429a53b="Magog"]...for face value??[/quote:559429a53b]

    Good luck. Padre Pio had better be around on this forum with a spare Oxegen ticket.
  3. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Would be a good oppurtunity for anyone that bought their ticket in the early sale to sell it at the price it ended up at the later sale. That way you make some easy money and the friend isn't entirely cheated out. That's what I would've done if the Scissor Sisters & Tori Amos hadn't been playing.
  4. avatar [misterbillz]
    The SDLP were putting flyers through the doors in East Belfast saying that if you registered with them you'd get an Oxegen ticket...hmm..
  5. avatar ShowYourBones
    There will be more tickets released within the next few months. Keep an eye on the Oxegen website/forum.
  6. avatar wannywan
    Oxegen forum's been down since last year.
  7. avatar ShowYourBones
    Thats right, forgot about that. In that case, keep checking hotpress.com, the EP forum, here, ticketmaster etc.
  8. avatar pauldoherty
    see if you wait,your bound to get a ticket somewhere,last year i remember they're being loads st face value nd even less,im holdin out myself.