1. avatar Sansie
    You know the way theres photographers etc,
    are there a list of gig reviewers, who can come down and give you an honest opinion of your music, that you can put on your website for live gig reviews.

    the style of music of phoenix dawn would be in the alt rock genre, therefore we'd want someone who is used to listening to this music, i.e. not a pop or metal person, might not like that music to begin with.

    Could be a new venture for someone to start!!!

    even critical reviews woudl be good to be able to improve the settings so to speak.



  2. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    i'm no expert on anything.. and i'm not a proper journalist, leek.. but if there's nothing else on and i'm free, i'd be more than willing to come down and write a bit.

    e-mail me, or s'thing.
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    check yr inbox
  4. avatar Davy Cho
    Did you get hooked up with a band then Sansie?
  5. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    She did indeed Dave...rockkkkkin out.....[url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.co.uk/temppages/PheonixDawn/index.htm"]www.grahamsmithphotography.co.uk/temppages/PheonixDawn/index.htm[/url]

    (well sansie...if you can plug your band on my thread, then I can plug my site on your thread :P)
  6. avatar Davy Cho
    Great pics as usual there Graham.
    skypilot.co.uk will be up and running soon, featuring the infamous windmill shoot.

    Check the classifieds too folks, we may have a singer vacancy......


  7. avatar 10rapid
    the embers, phoenix dawn, ten rapid and the tupelo incident are playing the rosetta on thurs 22nd april....if mr smith wants to come down for some long promised shots he's most welcome....
    and if anyone wants to write a review give us a shout at [url="http://www.tenrapid.com"]www.tenrapid.com[/url]
  8. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Mr Rapid, I am pretty sure I will be down to photograph this fine lineup of bands...so dig out the sparkly shirts and tight spandex pants and practice those star jumps!
  9. avatar spirit of division
    you took photos at the skinlab show in the FP
    didnt you? Hoping I have as many poeple for Disfear as I did for that :/
  10. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Not that I'd got round to it yet.....
    I'd been planning to get a list together of those who would be prepared to review local demos or live reviews.
    If anyone's interested in reviewing bands(especially,but not essentially the "wee" bands),could they send an email to...
    and I'll add your contact details and your criteria to my site....
    (under resources,media)
    By criteria I mean....
    Gig Reviewer/Demo Reviewer/both....
    Genre of band catered for(if not all)
    Level of band(starting out or established,if not both)

    This is one element of the music scene that hasn't evolved yet as there is a distinct lack of reviewers(except EPK,Ciaran Tracey,Gogs,Dave Roy,Alternative Ulster crew etc..)here.I'd be all for people who are willing to express their opinion on the music they hear and the bands they witness.I'd be planning to link the bands to the most recent review by the reviewer so they can see who may suit their style or not.
    This is directed more towards people who are looking to gain experience in journalism with a mind to get their articles published in local music magazines and beyond.I'd not be the judge,I'll leave that to the masses as such....
    The worst you can do,as a reviewer,is to post your review and have people read it here and respond to your opinion.
    The best you can do is someone will notice your talent and publish your words to a wider audience.

    I'm sure someone will disagree but if you can send it to my email addy I'd appreciate it,or start another thread.
    Good idea Sansie!
    You could try...
    -Baine Jakey
    -Cheeses Christ
    who you know....
    Kirsten McAlpine...email
    (FAO Kirsten McAlpine)
    who you may not(Big List).
    Phoenix Dawn are playing the 28th April @ The Front Page.
    Gig Listings for more details.....
    On a personal level,I was mightily impressed with them when they played the F.P. on the 10th April.Worth a look???
    Hell Yeah!
    Definition-Alt Rock,layered,tight.......smooth!
    That's why I don't review........

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  11. avatar EPK
    I'm pretty happy to review anything...gig or recording...here on FF.
    I'm up to over 70 reviews so far with about another 10 in the pipeline,as I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I always feel that feedback is absolutely necessary for bands to get an idea of how they're doing and how they might improve.
  12. avatar thesneakybandit
    i used to write a lot of reviews for people but never got anywhere because www.qube.cd who
    was writing for stopped getting me into gigs for free... i'd be willing to write about anyone or anything though.
  13. avatar tenrabbits
    Graham, good idea! Come on then Mr Rapid - or J as we know ya - try a star jump on thursday...

    ..the Rosetta won't know what will have hit it..

    -charlie tenrapid
  14. avatar Bloodbath Callaghan
    My first post!
    I think your man who started this topic has a point about reviewers being needed but when someone posts an honest view or opinion (as in the 'P45 are Great' post from last week) or any review, someone always takes offence and then its a messageboard slanging match!! For instance I saw a band last week who were sh*te and read a review which was really positive about it!!!!!!!! i.e. better than last time but need melody and a better singer or words to that effect! C'mon people! If the singer sucks and it has no melody then its sh*te. Bottom line. Even Hanson could manage melody and... ok they had....... bad example (cue the angry Hanson fans!)

    Maybe its because the whole Belfast 'scene' is so tightly knit? Nobody wants to give a bad review 'cause in most cases its someone mate in the offending band? I dunno!

    Any thoughts?
  15. avatar EPK
    Yes, it's the [i]easiest[/i] thing in the world to say that it's "sh1te".
    Any dumbass can say that, and far too many do.
    It's dismissive, and a handy way to escape from putting any effort into evaluating what you see.
    Look at why it's bad, how that can be fixed if it can, and be constructive in your criticism.
    It's hard enough getting a band together, getting a rehearsal space and getting a gig as it is, before being dismissed in such a perfunctory way.
    Now, when a band that have experience and ability are bad, that's slightly different, as they should be decent enough, even if they're having an off night.
    It's easy to spout bile, and we're too ready to do that in this country, and putting the knife in bears a special responsibility in itself. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 19/4/04 8:21 pm
  16. avatar HailToTheDecepticons
    I think the greaser hit the nail on the head. Right on Bro-tha!

    And at the end of the day its all down to personal taste......someone who likes say...Slayer.... is hardley gonna get down to Laura-Anne.

    And a bad gig sometimes is not about a band who are crap but maybe an excellent band having a sh1ty night with perhaps dodgy sound, which can make U2 sound fooking terrible.
  17. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    U2 always sound fooking terrible.
  18. avatar dazcraig
    See Gogs, its reviews of bands like that, that get you into arguments.
  19. avatar WaffleyVersatile

    i see P45 got a nice review up on fastfude now.
    I can't help but think it was written at least partly for my benefit.
    I'm flattered that they actually valued my opinion enough to dedicate the set to me, and 'music critic' has a nice ring to it.
    I'm intrigued as to how exactly whoever wrote *this* review feels that the set on that night PROVED MY OPINION WRONG.

  20. avatar EPK
    Be flattered.
    They were OK at the gig he mentioned.
    Not as purdy as [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/photos/kata.jpg"]Kat[/url] though.....
  21. avatar spirit of division
    Maybe he tome travelled Gogs? Duh.
    I didnt know about such a gig at the Empire, just goes to show I should keep a better eye out for posters and what not.....any more planned? Where's the Melodramatic review then Michael? Huh?
  22. avatar The Fires of Hell
    "someone always takes offence and then its a messageboard slanging match!!"

    ... which is why sources for consistent and knowable reviews and reviewers such as those our local writers provide are essential to furthering the professionalism and awareness of music in NI.

    I would wager that the reviews section of FF is barely looked at unless its someone's own band. Be honest, (and I am perfectly open to being proven wrong here) when was the last time people actually read the reviews that are flagged up?

    I base this question upon the utter lack of subsequent discussion across the forums - it seems that unless the review was somehow offensive to its subject then it passes with neither comment or reflection. To me this is madness! Reviews are *essential*,and well written, constructive and insightful ones all the more so. Which, happily, a few people in NI are able to provide.

    Reviews sort the wheat from the chaff by demonstrating which bands take them on the chin and which bands yap. And you can tell who is going to go where accordingly.

    And another point: saying you'll review a gig if you get in free is one thing. But cough up the dosh. Because its the punter's review that counts, not the one tainted by charity.
  23. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]Not as purdy as Kat though..... [/quote]

    true that.
  24. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]Where's the Melodramatic review then Michael? Huh? [/quote]
    Um, i'm working on it.
    I can't quite find the words..
  25. avatar dazcraig
    I can think of a number of select adjectives....
  26. avatar andyzsp
    i read every new review on fastfude and metal ireland ciaran, dont know if im alone in that. most of them are fairly short anyway and mostly interesting.
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    " I can't help but think it was written at least partly for my benefit."

    What ever makes you think that, Gogs?
    Surely it couldn't be: "Front-man Paddy Trolan can well remark that the set was dedicated to music critic Michael Wilson who’s overly harsh review was proved wrong by this rockin’ set"

    Sweet c*ck.
  28. avatar T Entertainment
    A journalistic colleague of mine typed the following a few months ago, following another absurd hissy fit over a 'negative' review of a local band and abuse of the hack in question (not the author of the below). He/she bottled out of posting and sent it to me. Now, with that person's permission, I am going to publish. So bands can see what the perspective is from the other side of the fence.
    I didn't write this. But there a h*ll of a lot in there that local bands would do well to consider. The italics are mine.
    And to pre-empt the obvious: in the current climate of pretty explicit threats made to journos following 'bad' reviews, I'd say their desired anonymity is perfectly valid.


    ……The press are now more willing than they have been in quite some time to give coverage to local bands. The days where dedicated journalists had to struggle and fight with editors to get home grown acts onto the pages of the press and played on the airwaves are, for the time being, no more.

    By this stage you should have a website (unless you’re either a: too punk to care, or b: too good to need one) and it should be furnished with your biog, pics, etc. Such an outlet will save those five-minutes-to-deadline ‘could someone from ….. please contact me urgently’ posts you sometimes see from fraught reporters on Fastfude. These normally occur because a space has popped up, and, ever the friend of the local music scene, your erstwhile hack wants to fill it with a picture of a local band. And it’ll win you friends.

    It’s actually got to the point where acts are competing for attention (good thing, yes?) and there are now more journalists than ever willing to promote you band, gig, demo, etc. However, there are still things a band should be aware of in this new media climate. While the sympathetic journalists are still around, more and more media are becoming interested in ‘the scene’. This it the bandwagonesque nature of the press, once someone starts doing something new it’s usually no time before everyone else is doing it.

    There are still acts who have no idea how to behave with the media, and it is getting to the point where it is to the detriment of the whole scene. Up until now it was accepted that bands didn’t know how to work the press, and were just a little naïve. This was coupled with the fact that sympathetic journalists who love the music you’re pumping out on a regular basis were willing to go the extra mile to cut local bands some slack.

    But this is changing, reporters used to the cushy world of showbiz reporting are becoming interested in the scene. If you think the fervoured egos of the average performer are bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Journalists are used to getting stuff for free. Rarely do they have to dip their hands into their incredibly poorly paid pockets. Rarely do they pay for stuff either. If you’re thinking of it in terms of a lost sale more often than not you’re wrong. Instead of forking out the couple of quid to see your gig, your potential press coverage will stay at home with their feet up.

    As has been wisely pointed in another not entirely unrelated topic: “If press/media specifically respond to a press release, put them on the list, but maybe grill them little to make sure its
    worth your while as well as theirs.”

    This is true for the most part. But be warned it’s a buyers market with the media, someone else will be willing to put them on their guestlist, schmooze them, cajole them and generally show them a good time.

    If you are going to operate a ‘no guest list/ no freebies’ policy make sure it is consistent. Most of the sympathetic journalists on the scene understand there are bands/promoters out there who regularly lose money on gigs and will pay in accordingly. Those who aren’t aware won’t understand as quickly, be subtle!

    Having said that, very few genuine members of the press will turn up at the door on the night of the gig and demand entry for free. This is because most entertainment journalists are aware that the person on the door isn’t necessarily the promoter. You’re well within your rights to tell them to cough up. Course, one sneaky way round this ask if they know the features editor and make up some fictitious name. If they correct you, chances are they’re genuine, and you being a PR whiz can get their name, e-mail and phone number to recall the favour of letting them in.

    The exception to this is of course, if you put ‘c’mon down’ in your media mass mail out. The local press ain’t too hot with the whole RSVP thing, and could well turn up en masse on the night unannounced. Unlikely, but a warning nonetheless.

    [i]More journalists and people with actual media clout than ever before are reading Fastfude and band message boards. Think before you post, remember this is the internet, it is public. And never, ever, start slagging a journalist off online because they gave you a bad review. Yes, some of us do engage in the rough and tumble of a good old Fastfude ding dong, but once someone starts calling an individual’s professionalism into question it’s usually game over.

    “Yes, but how come you can dish out all this abuse and can’t take it yourself?” I hear the more keen readers thinking. There are valid arenas for addressing such questions- but in public, in electronic print, isn’t one of them. A review is usually done in good faith, and involves not only the time of the review, but their creative expertise as well. My personal advice would be to suck it up and take one for the team, use the criticism to make sure you put in a better performance the next time. In fact, invite the reviewer along to your next gig. Few things impress journalists on a professional level more than acts who take poor reviews in the spirit in which they are intended.

    This idea that we sit around in darkened rooms and talk about local bands is true. Piss off one journalist and word will spread. Behave like they owe you a favour and the oxygen of publicity can very quickly dry up. Be aware that the media is very often the way many bands are presented not only to the listening public, but to record labels as well. And we bear grudges, talk to any journalist about who the most ignorant people they’ve met are and be prepared for a long and bile-filled list.

    Despite what I’ve said above, remember, you are dealing with professionals. You are expected to some degree to be professional back. Notice I didn’t say ‘nice’ there, I said professional (though nice helps!). [/i]
    All of the above is perhaps a shade harsh, and possibly like trying to kill a fly with a kangol hammer. But be warned, the promotion companies responsible for the bigger gigs know local music events are starting to pull punters. They know that your gig in a cramped bar could pull 100 people who would otherwise be filling their spacious hall, and who would be paying £20 for the priviledge of doing so. A potential £2,000. They are upping their game accordingly. It used to be the Northern Irish press wouldn’t have got a sniff of the big name global acts, now they’re appearing in a couple of publications at a time, stopping only to do numerous TV and radio slots.
    You have to compete.

    Happy hunting."
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  29. avatar tinpot anto
    AYe apparently it's all our fault. :)



    (does that work better...?)

    edit: see below Edited by: tinpot anto at: 21/4/04 5:39 pm
  30. avatar T Entertainment
    In one short, petulant sentence, you utterly vindicate everything the author states. Brilliant.

    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 21/4/04 4:45 pm
  31. avatar tinpot anto
    Eugh, It's so unfair!

    I Hate you, hmmmph.

    *slams door, goes to room, and plays Slayer at volume 10 until threatened with getting pocket money stopped*


    I seriously don't see why so many people actually take everything I say at face value.

    It breaks down like this

    75% Irony
    10% Serious Comment
    5% Cry for help
    10% Attempt at humour

    Mebbe I should use more emoticons or summat? :
  32. avatar um david
    [quote]For instance I saw a band last week who were sh*te and read a review which was really positive about it!!!!!!!! i.e. better than last time but need melody and a better singer or words to that effect! C'mon people! If the singer sucks and it has no melody then its sh*te[/quote]

    Mr Callaghan. I believe you've paraphrased something I [i]posted[/i] about Seraphim's Loss on FF. Not a review. Just wanna clear that up. Of course, I could've simply said, "They were sh*te" but frankly, how constructive would that be? After all, this is a [i]discussion[/i] forum. If we all adopted the "They were sh*te" approach, it wouldn't exactly be the most condusive to discussion now, would it?
  33. avatar EPK
    Words of wisdom in T Ent's post.
    Read them and learn from them.
    I'm a big fan of the word [i]respect.[/i]
  34. avatar tinpot anto
    I always buy journo's a rake of beer.

    This works well, even in the jasper days - It's even better if you can get them to write their review while still drunk.
  35. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Reading some of the standards of writing and criticism that are allowed to paper you'd think they did.
  36. avatar Pete
    It could explain some band performances as well