1. avatar Sansie
    Its looks like a class way to print stuff on your cds without having to worry about ink and peeling etc, but are the quality of the cds crap?
  2. avatar Pete
    No they are good, but they are expensive and the lightscribe process is quite slow.
  3. avatar spectator
    You would be better getting a Disc Printer, we use one its a TDK model you can get them cheap on ebay and the cartiges are £5 they are very quick and easy to use.
  4. avatar Bobphoenix
    I picked up a lightscribe DVD burner over the christmas period.

    The burner was £50, a 5 pack of lightscribe DVD's cost £11.

    The quality of the print is good, but restricted to sepia tone, and although the dvd burns at 8x the lightscribe printing took an astonishing 3 hours to print two pics of Dave Chappelle onto the disk.

    Around the same time, my girlfriend got her Dad a new cannon printer for his PC (i don't know the model offhand), it cost around £100 and lets him put blank CDs/DVD's direct into the printer to be printed on. Full colour prints and just a couple of minutes per cd, this seems a much better choice.

    As for the other 4 lightscribe dvd's from my initial purchase...they're still in the box!