1. avatar nartysham
    Local guitarist/composer Brendan McCloskey will present a workshop seminar examining the interactive performance capabilities of popular digital-audio environment 'Audiomulch'.

    The Workshop is open to musicicans and composers of all levels, but particulary those with some interest in music technology. Brendan will present a demonstration of the audio manipulation/interaction possibilites of the software using live guitar and a variety of controllers.

    Participants will be given the opportunity to explore this accessible yet powerful environment in detail, and to gain hands on experience of live sound art and MIDI control

    SAT 24th MARCH (2-4pm) £20 - early booking advised

    02890 232800 or info@iocm.org.uk
  2. avatar drakeguild
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  3. avatar nartysham
    aye, it can make some mad sounds

    four tet and nine inch nails use it quite a bit too (thanks wikipedia)

  4. avatar Iso9
    yeah, its a great environment. have messed with it a fair bit.
  5. avatar dodgi stereo
    Audiomulch looks quite similar (GUI) to Plogue Bidule and PD (Pure Data) and MAX/MSP.

    Have used Plogue and PD to make some interesting sounds. A tutorial would be really helpful and doubtlessly inspiring too.

    I wish I was able to attend.
  6. avatar chrisjedijane
    Audiomulch is great fun - the Metasurface thingummy in it is very good for live performance also.

    It's not so much fun since they finished Beta testing, and now some weird austrailian guy tries to talk you into buying it while you noodle away with reverb.
  7. avatar nartysham
    its a wee bit similar to Max-MSP, but i think max is a lot less user friendly (but can get amazing results.

    Never tried Plogue Bidule or Pure Data, do any of them work on Mac?
  8. avatar chrisjedijane
    I can't remember if Pure Data works on Mac, I never liked it much anyway. Max MSP is much less user-friendly than audiomulch, but on the other hand it's a lot more powerful.
  9. avatar nartysham
    yeah i was forced into Max-Msp when i was at uni and that put me off it for a long time. Only started to get into again recently, but for live electroacoustic performace it cant be beat
  10. avatar chrisjedijane
    are you an ex-queens' student perhaps?
  11. avatar nartysham
    nah, i done music and music tech over in england. although i have a few friends that are doing it in queens, seems to involve a lot more programing and practical stuff. we spent three years composing post-modern messes.
  12. avatar nartysham
    hey chris, your not a friend of claire mcdonnagh by any chance. she said something about doing sound for jedi jane last weekend
  13. avatar chrisjedijane
    yeah, I'm a good friend of claire - she's in my class :) she did sound for us last week, and did a great job.
  14. avatar CavSymbiotick
    Pure Data is free and exists on most platforms...

    i always found audiomulch a bit restrictive for my taste...if you can handle code and want plenty of flexibility go with PD or supercollider and design your own processing..both free! :wink:
  15. avatar drakeguild
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  16. avatar nartysham
    is SuperCollider free?
  17. avatar CavSymbiotick
    [quote:978f117827]is SuperCollider free?[/quote:978f117827]

    Yes! [url]http://www.audiosynth.com/[/url]
  18. avatar drakeguild
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  19. avatar nartysham
    cheers for the link
  20. avatar nartysham
    hey guys this is on saturday, still places available