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    Audio_ill presents:

    velma / ruby colley / october connection:

    Friday 16th March @ The Pavilion, Ormeau Road.
    Adm £3

    Why not make a weekend of St Patrick's day and start your celebrations early!

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    - and now for some more shameless self promotion...

    It's getting closer....

    (I am tired of writing 'bump!' - oops, just did there now, ah well...)
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  4. avatar zebulon
    Hey Rose, have you any idea of stage times?
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    AS far as I know...October Conection will be scheduled for 9.00pm. Ruby Colley is on next (10.00pm possibly?) and we (Velma) will be on last. we will probably be on 11 or shortly after (if you factor in turnaround times, etc.). Stage times are never usually set in stone but that should give you a rough idea anyway!
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    Think I will plug Audio_ill's MySpace address here while I am online :-)

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    Looks like there is another act on the bill as well: Amy McGarrigle - probably on first...