1. avatar andysaidgun
    Check out 2 out of 3 of our new songs, recorded at blueroon saturday week ago. We're very happy happy for the results and the tracks!


    'limited but loaded'
    'set low'

    and feel obliged to leave a comment;) preferably not a porn spam add!

    we will be releasing a 3 track plus 2 when we get the artwork finalised. thats 5 tracks for 3pounds, so watch this space! 'You Havn't Seen the Full Picture'

    old tracks up for free download aswell now:)

  2. avatar ryanego
    That first one is a really cool track to my ears, much better than the last i heard of you guys. havnt listened to the rest yet tho :)
  3. avatar ryanego
    On reflection that sounded quite offensive, unintentionally so, just think its a good progression :-)
  4. avatar andysaidgun
    i think its a fair comment, we have always had these ideas, but just lacked a bit more conviction back when. appreciate the feedback man, its how we feel to:)