1. avatar tenrabbits
    It's northern ireland's own version - the elf defence!

  2. avatar T Entertainment
    He's like Roger Herbert, except he gets caught.
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    If we're talking news items, I'm more interested in the nationwide release of Reggae Reggae Sauce.


    and it's even music related.

    [size=9:6012876546]Plus, of course, there's that other story about a brother and sister fighting for their human right to have an incestuous relationship! Eeeuuughh

  4. avatar kingmob
    It's 'Wookiee'.
  5. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote:2a05330971="kingmob"]It's 'Wookiee'.[/quote:2a05330971]

    Are you in this video by any chance?! [url]http://www.pistolwimp.com/media/2536/[/url]
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Sure we already have the Warhol defence.

    As in Michael Stone; "It was a piece of performance art, therefore you must acquit!"
  7. avatar kingmob
    [quote:09cbd3d683="tenrabbits"][quote:09cbd3d683="kingmob"]It's 'Wookiee'.[/quote:09cbd3d683]

    Are you in this video by any chance?! [url]http://www.pistolwimp.com/media/2536/[/url][/quote:09cbd3d683]

    That video is fĂșcking hilarious.

    And no, I'm not. :lol:
  8. avatar chris1984_99_99
    lol let anyone who hates this country dare to speak in here!.... I mean come on... where else would u get it!? :D

    If the wookiee defence fails. He could take a page from father teds book say hes was a lost priest!
  9. avatar I'mDead
    Come on, everyone knows that the places to steal knickers are peoples washing lines............................oh, did I type that out loud?
  10. avatar all-is-vanity

    LMAO, pure genius.
  11. avatar unplugged
    scary to think that weirdo lives less than a mile form me. lock your doors.
  12. avatar 3cigarettes
    Larpers - seriously, what are they at?