1. avatar spirit of division
    [size=9]spirit of division / ordinary days present: [/size]


    Saturday 31st March
    Bunker (Lavery's)
    doors: 8.00pm sharp
    adm: £5
    [size=9](first band 8.20pm!)[/size]

    The usual Bunker club is on after this so if you're heading out come to this - you'll get to see a few bands and then get into the club for free and there's the usual drinks promos too.

    [b][color=red]LATEX SPIDER MONKEY[/color][/b]



    Jazzy, post hardcore, noisey, all the best bits from bands like Lightning Bolt, Primus, Dead Kennedy's, Beefheart and Zappa.

    Although they've been around a while now, LSM are a well kept secret outside of the the local punk shows - something that has to change. A trio that transcend boundaries and deserve wider appeal; something which is surely just round the corner......drawing of verious influences they produce a sound like no other from these shores.......

    Spazzed out. That's the main thing that springs to mind other than nice guys, great band.


    [b][color=red]ESTEL [size=8](Dublin)[/size] [/color] [/b]



    Estel have been tearing it up for over nine years with plenty of releases and shows under their belt to vouch for their abilities as a band. Sometimes brooding, sometimes driving, Estel offer a break from the usual non stop punk rock action and offer up their own interpretation of early 80's post punk and new wave with plenty dashes of rock thrown in for good measure.

    Working through various line ups and always under their own steam, Estel have went from strenght to strength, managing to play punk, indie, metal and all other kinds of shows and still holding their own and gaining a biiger and better eputation. Armed with new songs and a new drive, expect Estel to kick your teeth in.


    [color=red][b]TWELVE EYES[/b][/color]



    Second show. Two's enough? Drone, noise and beats. Expect a low tech assault on your hearing....glasses and earplugs are wholly endorsed.



    me: www.myspace.com/spiritofdivision
    mail me at: thesonicdeathmonkey@hotmail.com

  2. avatar spirit of division
    bumping...come out early and get into the club free after......
  3. avatar spirit of division
  4. avatar spirit of division
    Bumping...though as an additional note:
    this will slay...new estel stuff is amazing and I havent caught LSM in a while...bring a friend and get drunk early...or play chess with mr hornby...whichever suits better :)
  5. avatar smittennn
  6. avatar spirit of division
    first to spot the spelling mistake gets in free!
  7. avatar Warren Drugs
    Admission is spelt wrong in the poster.
    Can I get in free then Pete?
  8. avatar smittennn
    i see the spelling error.
    get your free in folks.
  9. avatar spirit of division
    Ah....who spotted it first? Maybe you're just quicker with the fingers mr shea......how about we bill an avent atthe door where you and gwendolin have a gladiators style challenge?

  10. avatar Warren Drugs
    Ah now Pete, my post was a good twelve minutes before Gwendo's there!
    Although if it's a fight she's looking I'll gladly step to the challenge.
  11. avatar smittennn
    it's pete stirrin!
    i am a wuss.
    no headbutts please.
  12. avatar spirit of division
    £3 in before 9! forgot abvout that :S
    Last nite was ace so come see some more great bands :)
  13. avatar spirit of division
  14. avatar the dirty weed
    cool gig. latex were ridiculously good.
  15. avatar spirit of division
    indeed! lsm are great!