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    Go to [url=http://www.myspace.com/futureshortsni]Future Shorts N.IRL[/url] to view the March trailer.

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    A little more info on what coming up this month guys:

    [b:d5ea74facd]Future Shorts races into March with an especially strong programme. Highlights this month include the powerful and harrowing documentary from France 'Even If She Had Been A Criminal', the fantastic thriller from rising director Miranda Bowen in 'Honeymoon', starring Emilia Fox, and the International Jury Award winner from the Encounters Festival - 'Tricko' ('The T-Shirt') – plus many more. This is different cinema - Future Shorts.[/b:d5ea74facd]
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    okay, we show the second-best shorts in the world! :-D
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    [quote:f0be5ab0e9="Eddie"]okay, we show the second-best shorts in the world! :-D[/quote:f0be5ab0e9]

    The first step is admitting that. :D Good luck with this. If I lived in Belfast I'd be on this like white on white stuff.
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    Recently added to this month's bill at Future Shorts in Belfast:

    [b:cc14bae47a]TELL IT TO THE FISHES[/b:cc14bae47a]
    Dir: William Sinclair
    The tide is slowly coming in and Finn (Dylan Moran), a worthless low-rent hood, has been dropped on an isolated beach with his feet set in concrete. Finn's misery is compounded when Jack (Gerard McSorley), a hard and edgey minor gangster responsible for his predicament lands a few yards away, feet also set in concrete...
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    reminder, this Wednesday!
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    this is on tonight. Come and watch movies...