1. avatar Arcane
    Hey to anyone interested we have just finished our new demo and have stuck up a track
    on our myspace called Moods.
    The cd will have 4 tracks on it and is available to buy at HMV in Belfast City Centre and soon in Virgin.
    There is also a live track up from the new demo called Redeem which was recorded at the
    Mirror of Deception gig at Katy Dalys by Brain.


    CD Launch is in the Bunker on the 18th of April!!
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  2. avatar Seamy ALB
    The track is excellent lads!! I really like it.
  3. avatar Arcane
    Cheers, thats a wee taster!
  4. avatar Arcane
    We went back into the studio on Sat there for a bit of last minute mixing!Bump!
  5. avatar Arcane
    Another wee bump.
  6. avatar Arcane
    Cd launch date is the 18th of April at the bunker!
    Also playing are Tribulation, Voices of Agony and Nocturn.
  7. avatar adi.feud
    hopefully make it down to that one

  8. avatar huggy baps
    same here.
  9. avatar Arcane
  10. avatar Arcane
    A little promo bump!
  11. avatar Arcane