1. avatar lemonade
    [size=18:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77][color=red:e85d8b9b77]March 14th 2007 @ 8.30 p.m.[/color:e85d8b9b77][/b:e85d8b9b77]...
    For one night only...
    The [b:e85d8b9b77][color=red:e85d8b9b77]ERRIGLE INN[/color:e85d8b9b77][/b:e85d8b9b77] will be serving...[/size:e85d8b9b77]

    [size=24:e85d8b9b77][color=red:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77]RED LEMONAID!!![/b:e85d8b9b77][/color:e85d8b9b77][/size:e85d8b9b77]

    [color=red:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77]A night of original refreshing music that will explode into your eardrums and leave your taste buds tingling!!![/b:e85d8b9b77][/color:e85d8b9b77]

    Providing the musical umbrella on the top of your overflowing glass will be...

    [color=red:e85d8b9b77][size=18:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77]THE DELAWARES[/b:e85d8b9b77][/size:e85d8b9b77][/color:e85d8b9b77]

    Image by Phil O'Kane

    Formed in October 2004, The Delawares have established themselves as an incredible live act, with incendiary shows across Ireland and the U.K.

    Bearing comparison with bands such as The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds, their earthy rock sound brings an original twist to the country rock harmonies that influence them. Their songs muse on the place of man within the sprawling nothingness of space and everything in between.

    Shows supporting Henry McCullough, Bap Kennedy, Colin Haye and Duke Special have met with great critical acclaim. They release their debut EP, 'The Space Between Us' in April 2007.

    Providing support on the night will be two of Northern Ireland's newest and most exciting flavours...

    [size=18:e85d8b9b77][color=red:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77]THE 45's[/b:e85d8b9b77][/color:e85d8b9b77][/size:e85d8b9b77]

    Image by Alan Lewis Photo Press Belfast

    The 45's are an energetic, psychadelic, four-piece rock+roll band, drawing influences from the likes of The Stones and The Beatles. In their diverse set they perform everything from soul and blues to reggae and 60's garage.

    If you're left wanting more after the set, don't despair, as the band will be heading into the studio in March to record their first album!

    So hang onto your girlfriends and shine your shoes, because The 45's have arrived!



    The night will be opened with the captivating sounds of "Bunkbed". After 3 months, and as many drummers, "Bunkbed" are set to make their Belfast debut at Red Lemonaid. Hailing from successful bands such as 'Reverb', '3rd Dan' and 'Remedi', this delicious foursome of talented musicians are sure to leave the crowd feeling fizzy and dizzy with their laid-back, alternative, folk rock.

    Their drummer is travelling all the way from London to be with us...that's what I call commitment!

    "Rory Nellis's voice is perfect. Magical and innocent." - [i:e85d8b9b77]Rock Sound[/i:e85d8b9b77]

    [color=red:e85d8b9b77][b:e85d8b9b77]For only £5 a glass, Red Lemonaid is sure to quench your thirst and leave you wanting more and more!!![/b:e85d8b9b77][/color:e85d8b9b77]

    The night will be in support of Red Lemon Productions. www.myspace.com/redlemonproductions.[size=7:e85d8b9b77][/size:e85d8b9b77]
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  2. avatar lemonade
    Oh yeah and I'll buy a pint for the first person through the door...who isn't in the bands! Password is a high five.
  3. avatar savoy truffle
    Make it a pint of Powers and I'm comin in disguise.
    Arf. Tomorrow night.
  4. avatar mary
    i'm really good at high-fives! not to be a prune and ask technical question but do you have stage times so i don't miss everything but also so i don't turn up so early that its a sound check?
  5. avatar Loubelle
    What time will the bands be onstage? Even roughly?
  6. avatar lemonade
    Hey doors will open at 8.30 and the first band will start at 9.15! They are legends so i would recommend getting down early! The 45's will start at 10ish and The Delawares at 11ish! We have the lovely Liam from Belfast Soul Club providing some grooves between bands and at the start and end of night - dancing is highly encouraged!

    Hope to see you there...
  7. avatar Maeve
    My first post!
    I thought all the bands were really class last night, especially bunkbed. Impressed since it was their 1st gig-loved the blur/gnarls barkley cover!!!