1. avatar jenniemcc
    There is currently an e-petition on the Prime Minister's site to prevent restrictions on taking photographs in public places.

    The e-petition has been created by Stephen Taylor who has become concerned at moves to promote the requirement of 'ID' cards to allow photographers to operate in public places. There is more about his concerns at http://www.phooto.co.uk/rights.shtml (particularly letter from photography club member to his club regarding an incident while taking some photographs in a local public place).

    There is also a link on this site to information about actual rights of photographers.

    You can 'sign' the e-petition at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Photography/
  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Ahh, how long before Downing Street decide that giving the public the ability to create petitions on anything is taking up too much time.

    I'd sign it, but I don't want yet another prefab letter from Tony telling me that although my concerns are very very important to him, and he's grateful that I used my democratic rights to tell him, he's going to ignore me.

    "Cyberprotest is to real politics what cyberporn is to real sex. There is the niggling need for self-expression, the moment of urgent communication with a computer screen, all leading to a vague sense of foolishness and anti-climax. Even when the porn star in question sends out a mass email thanking the punters for their interest, it feels, and is, fake. The process has provided the illusion of engagement for those who prefer to sit at their desks and will doubtless become a part of our political lives." ([i:a86e143f0a] Some commentator in the Independant last week[/i:a86e143f0a])

    But yeah, banning photos in public is a bad thing (unless they're of me), but these petitions aren't worth the paper they're printed on IMO. Writing to your MP or harassing them tomorrow when they're trying to harass you into voting for them would be much better I think.
  3. avatar die the flu
    The rejected petitions are the most entertaining part of that site:


    I'm going to launch an e-petition calling for the banning of e-petitons.
  4. avatar gl2200
    [quote:f5e7529b26="die the flu"]I'm going to launch an e-petition calling for the banning of e-petitons.[/quote:f5e7529b26]

  5. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote:096d16ebf9]Petition Rejected

    This petition has been rejected because:

    * It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel[/quote:096d16ebf9]
  6. avatar GrahamSmith
    This has been going around various photography forums - aparently it is all bollocks. This is what somebody posted on another forum :

    "Sorry, this is nonsense and has been posted twice already. There are no government plans to further restrict photography in public places. The petition refers to a suggestion by some camera clubs that an ID card be issued to camera club members identifying them as such. It's all been blown out of proportion, as was reported by AP last week. I believe that even the original suggestion has been dropped now.

    As for 750,000 signatures being needed to stop the Government doing it, well, 1.75m haven't disuaded the Government that road pricing is a bad idea."