1. avatar bucksrow
    Hi all,
    Basically I am a music student at Bangor NDAI and have to record a 3-5 piece acoustic band for an assignment.

    x2 acoustic guitars
    x2 vocals
    etc...you get the idea :D

    As i am a bit more into the 'heavy stuff' i'm finding it hard to find an acoustic group from anyone i know!

    Here's the info if you think that your band could do it:
    Where: Bangor NDAI recording studio 1
    Date: Thursday 22nd March
    Time: 5:30pm-9pm

    Other Info:
    You should hopefully be able to get about 3 songs complete (providing your band has them nailed), all the main parts will have to be recorded as a 'live band,' but i will have no problem layering or over-dubbing a few tracks if need be.

    This recording will be FREE! I will have the tracks mixed and mastered about 10days after the session, and will send a copy out via post to one of the band members :-)

    Contact: too-cool-queenie@hotmail.com for more info

    Cheers guys!

    :!: NB: I have posted adverts elsewhere too, so apologies to anyone who might read this a bit to late! There may be a few other students in my class in need of an acoustic band too, so I will be happy to forward your contact details to one of them (providing that is ok with you!) :wink:
  2. avatar thewhitehendrix
    well what sort of songs you need, i can play acoustic incase you need one but not part of a band so soz
  3. avatar imola
    Hi there
    I sent you an email to your hotmail - thanks
  4. avatar bucksrow
    Ok guys, thanks for all the interest the posistion has now been filled!

    Sorry to those bands who were a bit to late, but I will forward your contact details onto a few other students who should be happy to do a recording session with you. :-)

    Thanks again,