1. avatar exportsimsie
    Why isnt this in the archive or FAQ's as its mentioned here constantly. Although I clearly havnt payed attention as im asking this time...

    So, a couple of groups of people together for new bands but I need somewere to practice. Theres nothing wrong with the soundmill, which is where i generally practice anyway. But, I wanna know more about other places in belfast. So can we complile a list of names, prefaribly addresses, contact details and phone numbers to any practice rooms prefaribly in belfast but beyond as well?

    Merci buckets, yall.
  2. avatar dazcraig
    The Barn at Clotsworthy Arts Centre, Antrim is a mere bus journey away. The facilities aren't great (the drumkit is falling apart), but it's cheap as chips, and would do for practicing.

    It has...

    1 x Monitor (used as a vocal amp)
    1 x Vox Mic
    1 x Bass Amp
    1 x Guitar Amp

    Ludwig Drumkit:
    22" Bass Drum
    12" Rack Tom
    16" Floor Tom
    14" Snare
    1 x 16" Zildjian K Crash Cymbal
    1 x 20" Zildjian Scimitar Ride
    2 x 14" Zildjian ZBT (I think) Hihats
    Bass pedal, all stands etc.

    £5 membership per year, and a quid, per member, per practice.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    Belfast is in dire need of decent, city centre based practise rooms. Due to high rents and the low income produced by such, they really would have to subsidised. Say by a public body with money to spend on the music industry here. Or something fantastical like that.
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    Yeah Archive the bloody rehearsal room threads. somebody!

    I'm sick of looking out phone numbers, posting them and them having them fall off the end of EZ existence.


    [b]Defaced Records, just off the Grosvenor Road/Westlink Junction

    10 pounds per Hour, good facilities, friendly guys

    Phone Robbie 07974196414[/b]

    We're actually recording our Demo with him at the mo'and it is sounding excellent.

    A report of this will follow
  5. avatar tenrabbits
    Yep.. I'd recommend Defaced, and Robby is a top bloke.

    Of course I'm slightly biased here as he is our drummer, but he's also got a rather good practice room / studio.

    -charlie tenRapid
  6. avatar Gerry Bigot
    The New Rhythm Initiative in the North Street Arcade (at the Donegall Street End).
    Fully kitted/soundproofed rehearsal space in the City Centre.

    + Two 150 watt Marshall Combo Guitar Amps
    + 250 watts Warwick Bass Guitar Amp
    + Carlsbro P.A head
    + Two Sure Mics & Mic Stands
    + 5 Piece Pearl Export Drum Kit (advisable to bring yer own cymbals)
    + A seated area @ the rear of the space is also provided due to the no smoking policy in the rehearsal room itself.

    Give Biggy a shout on 07909668236 or @ biggy@creamofthenorth.com
    You can book in 3-hour sessions, or block book in advance.
    As far as I can remember, it is £25 for the session.
    Biggy will be able to confirm or deny that. Edited by: Gerry Bigot at: 12/2/04 2:04 pm
  7. avatar j0ed
    The B.M.C. will hopefully be opening a new, cheap practice room near the city centre shortly. I don't think everything's been sorted yet, but it's lookin good so far. Fingers crossed anyway.
  8. avatar EPK
    Keep going, peasants...it'll be archived when we've sucked every bit of knowledge from your skulls.
  9. avatar the afterglow horner
    Defaced studios are the best id say.

    nice friendly guys, and very flexible.

    the gear is also very good.
  10. avatar Gerry Bigot
    have you been in the NRI Afterglow??
    I haven't been in Defaced, but the gear in NRI is sound as...


    Plus it's a fiver cheaper, the boys are sound, and handier to public transport/taxis as it is in the centre of town.

    But, each to their own.
  11. avatar the afterglow horner
    ive been in there, liked it.

    for me tho, i like the room acoustics of defaced studios. its not totally sound proof, so i dont get tired quickly when singing.
    i like a bit of life in the rooms i play in.
    defaced studios is in the centre of town also.
    we only play for 2 hours twice a week, where biggys is only 3 hr bookings.

    biggy is a good man tho, i like him. i just find it better for me personally, in defaced studios. Edited by: the afterglow horner at: 12/2/04 11:03 pm
  12. avatar Gerry Bigot
    Off the Grosvenor Road is NOT the centre of town.
    I personally think that it's easier to get to Lwr. Donegall Street, and I'd rather rehearse for 3 hrs twice a week, but that's me.
    I haven't been to Defaced yet, but hear generally good things about it.

    I also know loadsa peeps who have units in Edenderry Industrial Estate on the Crumlin Road and The Conway Mill @ the bottom of the Springfield Road.
    It involves getting together to pay rent, maybe between yerselves and one or two more bands, but that then means you have a secure unit that you can be as loud as you want, with yer own keys.

    So that's yet another option.
  13. avatar Pete
    Yeah, we have our own place. Although admittedly its on a farm in the middle of the North Down coutryside and not exactly central.

    If you can find somewhere and get a sharing arrangement with another band then its the best way... you can leave all your gear set up and its just a matter of walking in and plugging in the next time you practice...

    And you can then take it one step further and start getting bits and pieces together for recording...

    You would need to be making use of the place 3 or 4 times a week to make it economically viable though.
  14. avatar tinpot anto
    We have a room in the Blackstaff Mill (not conway) on the Sprinky, it's 108 pound a month and we put our own locks on the doors.

    The guy who rents it thinks (understandably from past experience) that all band are evil, destructive and deviant.

    We only got our room, by claiming that it was a storage unit.

    He was OK once we paid the first few months though.

    It's far cheaper, if yuo want to practice more thatn once a week.

    YOu also need all yuor own gear, PA etc...

    There was a practice room/studio, set up in the COnway Mill, it was really good, about fiver and hour but I don't know if it's still going.
  15. avatar ChaosInEden
    If playing the NRI you might want to take yer own snare and bass pedal.
    Last time I was there the pedal was bust and the didn't sound too good.
    Also, one of the cymbal stands is bust at the end where you adjust the cymbal angle its been all taped up (but using it for your ride'll work). so you might want to take along one of your own stands.
  16. avatar exportsimsie
    archive me

    any more?
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    You were [i]locked IN from the outside?![/i]

    That's sooooooooooo dangerous. What with studios tending to have a large amount of electrical equipment by their very nature. Why?! Why'd ya agree to it, more like....... :eek

    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 21/2/04 7:39 pm
  18. avatar Sansie
    I'm currently in a band with robby, so i'd be a bit biased and say use defaced, but........

    I have been down in North Street Arcade once, and it does have a really nice set up, and a good feeel to it, but two things:

    you had to book a 3 hour block, and if you were doin that with only 3 members in a band it can get expensive after a while.

    One thing which disturbed me and kinda panicked me a wee bit was that biggy locked us in North street arcade during our practice. i.e. he actually went away and told us he'd be back ina few hours.
    Yes you coudl dander about the arcade, but the worrying thing was the FIRE HAZARD.
    If there was an electrical failure, the actual practice area, is covered with curtains that woudl go up in no time, and basically you have no escape route from the arcade.

    yea may be a bit over the top, but on a personal level with band members who also smoke during practice its a concern.
  19. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    My first post!
    I practice in the North Street Arcade, what concerns me is that yes u r locked in there for 3 hours, but if there was a fire.. what do i save?... myself? or my beloved mesa dual rec?
    its a tough one
  20. avatar Gerry Bigot
    [quote]One thing which disturbed me and kinda panicked me a wee bit was that Biggy locked us in North street arcade during our practice.[/quote]

    This is as they say a pile of kak, for two reasons,

    Firstly, there is a set of keys at all times with the band or players in the room.
    If this happened, it is a rare thing, very rare.
    Plus there is Fire Extinguishers all over the place.

    Secondly, there is a fire escape, it is at the back of the unit.
    If you go up the side and then up the stairs, the door on your left, Voila.

    This is a very serious issue, and I have raised it at the last committee meeting, and something will be done about it presently.
    A door will be put into the side of the room so as to give side on access in case of fire in the front.
    The last thing the NRI want is fried bands, it's not very good for the charity. We have been waiting for the charitable status to come through, now it has, we can get our funds to do this work.

    It is still the ONLY space in the CENTRE of town.

    Sorry. but check the geography of Belfast,
    Grosvenor Road is NOT in the Centre.