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    Was looking to trade this amp for a guitar but luckily i picked up a schecter recently so now i am forced to sell this amp to pay for it.


    Bought in september 2006, this amp has been used a dozen times, never gigged and has not left my house. When i say this amp is mint, i mean it is absoloutly mint- not a mark, scuff or scratch on it. It was bought brand new and came straight to my house from the factory.

    If you are familiar with the dsl50 then you know already how good this amp is, if you arnt familiar....then head over to the marshall amp forums and you will find countless reviews and hundreds of very happy dsl owners.

    This amp does it all, beautiful cleans with no gain and no need to reduce volume on guitar, 2 gain channels. The first of which gives an instant classic maiden tone, back of the gain and you have angus young tone. The ultra gain channel is a more brutal tone, perfect for drop tuning etc.

    The amp really has to be heard to be believed. I am only selling as i need the money to pay for my new axe and i have a marshall monobloc that i am currently using.

    I am taking £150 off what i paid for it and will sell it for £400 if it is a quick sale.

    Interested buyers are welcome to try the amp out...bangor area.
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    Had few offers on this, but it is still available.

    Grab a bargain while you can.
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    hi there; mite be interested in your marshall givus a ring on 07738719387 and ask for michael
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