1. avatar Tomsthumb
    Singer,bassist and drummer,lookin for musicians to complete line up,
    we play jazz/funk/fusion/rock

    I'm only just getting to know the drummer so I cant speack of what he has done in music although are sound match's each others styles.

    I've been playing Bass for 6 years and have Done a lot in Music, here's just a little of what I've done.

    I was part of the 2001 prince's trust "SOUNDlive course.

    First band named Black markit education. 2002-2003

    Created short film "Junction Joe" as part of Mental Health awarness project 2003/2004. (Wheelworks/AMH)

    Youth Aciement award for Music/Flim 2004 presented by lord mayor of Lisburn 2004

    Secound band Mysion 2004.

    Short Flim "Planted" by Steven mullen (Wheelworks/AMH) 2005.

    Cinemagicmusic student 2006 Jamming With "The Who's" Steve White and Music Advice from Chris Cowey + more (T.O.T.P)

    On the programme "A Day in the life of" talking about Music and the cinemagic Exp

    This is perfect for a funky or even Metal guiariest to stourt their stuff.
    We all have gigged everywhere. The music is hard enough to play although with TLC will rock out.

    For a rough idea’s goto Myspace.com/Thomasflavell

    (please note the recordings are 3 years old and are examples for format, it is to show the nataure of the sound...its realy a skatch if you wish to put it that way)

    Also email Slapwithtomsthumb@googlemail.com

    Please forgive spelling mistakes........

    Thanx from Matt and Tommy
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  2. avatar Tomsthumb
  3. avatar Tomsthumb
    Wow, secound bump trying to find a guiariest in Belfast is quite funny,

    Gig's is in no way a problem, plans ahead n stuff,
    Just that one member to gel the whole thing,
    Spread the word

    Tommy Flavell
  4. avatar damageplanner
    yo dude am definately up for this i been playin near 5 year and am influenced greatly by the likes of govan, petrucci, vai, satch, gilbert anyone that plays good guitar i like em lol. fire me a message or somethin and have a wee chat bout it
  5. avatar Tomsthumb
    Thanks man,
    I am indeed intersted n stuff.
    I'll give you an email but I kinda need your adderess.
  6. avatar Tomsthumb
  7. avatar Tomsthumb
    Just another Bump,
  8. avatar onemandown-Ryan
    Hey guys, i am a guitarist, can do lead or rythmn and can do some vocals if poss, Im 20 and live just outside belfast, where u guys from. Check out some of my guitar at www.myspace.com/onemandown11

  9. avatar mcclurg
    hey, i'm a grade 8 guitarist, in the ulster youth jazz orchestra, so i'm into a lotta jazz and funk stuff, and have experience reading charts etc. i'm from just outside belfast
  10. avatar dynamo hum
    whammy bar kid . lurgan . Lydian-ing the bit out 8)