1. avatar Farnsworth
    Hi all

    Our Band "The Panic Report" is currently seeking a keyboard player and a drummer to complete four piece. If you like your prog rock (Floyd, early Genesis, Sigor Ros, Rush etc) with a taste of Police and Chilli Peppers style prog pop/funk/raggae thrown in then maybe you are the one for us.

    I am hoping to have our first 3 song demo completed by mid march and will be posting links on this very site. If you are interested then let me know either here or by e-mail to thirty57seven@yahoo.co.uk. Also if like me you only have limited access to the internet thereby rendering you unable to access links to pieces of music then I would be totally prepared to send you a copy of our demo in the mail if you are interested.

    And finally..........we are pretty committed to our music and hope to contact like minded people. Our demo is the result of two and a half years of writing and re-writing. Thats all I can say at the momment and some of it may seem a little futile without an example of our music however I hope to have that in order within the next fortnight.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    Hurry up and get that demo done! Sounds promising!
  3. avatar rhythmdivine
    just sent you an e-mail. sounds very interesting