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belFEST 2003 LIVE
  1. avatar gshep
    The live programme at belFEST 2003 will be four nights of great new music from all over Northern Ireland. All shows are free admission. More details of the live shows and the festival cd to follow.

    The organisers would like to thank NIMIC for it's continuing support of the event.

    Wednesday 26 November

    The Limelight
    9.30 Morph
    10.30 The Debonaires
    11.30 Messiah Syndrome
    12.30 Roysta

    Katy Dalys
    9.00 The Zoo
    10.00 Red Sirus
    11.00 Edgeweather
    12.00 Go Commando

    8.30 Jennifer Jones
    9.15 Justin Grant
    10.00 Johnny Black
    10.45 Leslie Rich
    11.30 Robyn G Shields
    12.15 Gary Gates

    Auntie Annies
    9.15 Little Hooks
    10.15 Guided
    11.15 Kyle
    12.15 Cava

    Thursday 27 November

    The Empire Music Hall
    9.15 Elation
    10.15 Dirty Stevie
    11.15 Pay*ola
    12.15 The Answer

    Katy Dalys
    8.45 The Wonderful Toys
    9.45 The Killjoys
    10.45 Roque Junior
    11.45 Driving By Night

    The Limelight
    8.10 Triggerman
    9.00 Fisto
    9.50 Hexxed

    Friday 28 November

    Mandela Hall
    9.30 Red Twelve
    10.20 God Talking Soul
    11.10 The Betes Noires
    12.00 Vapour Lounge

    Saturday 29 November

    Duke Of York
    9.00 Handsome Gaz
    10.00 Killer Kane
    11.00 Torgas Valley Reds
    12.00 The Dangerfields

    Edited by: gshep at: 18/11/03 2:15 pm
  2. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Thursday 27th November, 10.15pm Empire Music Hall.

    The best band ever from Belfast take to the stage.

    Fuckin Gift. ;)
    Edited by: dirty stevie smitty at: 18/11/03 1:09 am
  3. avatar Andrew
    No, Pay*ola are on at [i]11[/i].15.

    Ahhh only joking.

    Good luck, Dirty boys. I'll be there, ready to rock. Don't let me down.
  4. avatar the afterglow horner
    My first post!

    what a night this is going to be. i cant @#%$ wait. its good to see the answer getting some recognition as being the rightfull headliners. havent heard the dirt in ages either.
  5. avatar Cuffy Hunt
    My first post!
    Poor poor Payola, they are stuck in between Dirty Stevie and Answer. They are on for a serious hiding to nothing.
  6. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    My first post!
    Y'really think so Mr. Anonymous?? Quite aside from the fact that both the Answer +DS boys are mates, who we've played with, and given our support to often.....there is not one band in this country (or elsewhere for that matter) that we fear going on before/after/on f*cking top of! I think this is an excellent line-up......should be an evening of pure entertainment. In fact, this is Pay*ola's 25th (count 'em) show in the Empire Music Hall......(12 headliners/12 supports so far).....doesn't quite indicate we're as poor a live act as you seem to suggest. Why do the punters keep coming back?

    What band are you in by the way?

    Maybe see ya on the 27th

    [url]http://www.payolarock.com[/url] - with EZ-Board

    Hear tracks at: [url]http://www.starpolish.com/pay*ola[/url] Edited by: Philip PAYOLA at: 18/11/03 3:00 pm
  7. avatar the afterglow horner
    i agree with 'theafterglowonline'
    bands of payolas calibre do not get to where they are without being any good at all.

    ive heard from relieble sources they are an amazing act live, with a great front man. before i had an assumption that they were light rock and had a set full of 'ballads' which i would not like at all, but others are telling me that they are heavy rock and roll :D
    right up my street. so i dont know what to expect.

    im personally looking forward to seeing them for the first time. Edited by: the afterglow horner at: 18/11/03 3:13 pm
  8. avatar Beneath The Underdog
    My first post!
    x = tvr

    y = dangerfields

    Edited by: Beneath The Underdog at: 18/11/03 3:32 pm
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    Underdog, will you have your shiny red apple and kisses ready for 'x'? Edited by: T Entertainment at: 18/11/03 3:56 pm
  10. avatar Pete
    [quote]ive heard from relieble sources they are an amazing act live, with a great front man[/quote]

    This is something that really pisses me off, people making assumptions and comments about bands without ever having actually gone to see them. Too many people will criticise or even praise bands on the strenght of their percieved genre rather than actually going to see them or hearing their recorded material and making their own mind up. That isn't a dig at you Horner, its a comment that will hold true to a lot of people.

    As for this headling or support thing, non of the bands playing locally can really claim to be so great or big that they are "headlining" an event (cue remark from smitty
    ). The bands are all playing together on an evening, no one is there to "just support" or "make up the numbers". Often the order in which bands play is decided by either technical or practical reasons.... it shouldn't be seen as band "a" plays last because they are better than "b" or "c".

    As for that Empire gig on the 27th, all the bands are as good as each other and it would work in any order. It wouldn't surprise me if Shep had just pulled names out of a hat to decide it. Edited by: morphsville at: 18/11/03 3:53 pm
  11. avatar theafterglowonline
    Well for me The Answer are easily the best live band in ireland however theres no way a band
    of Payolas calibre will be blown away on the night. Say what you will about Payola but they are still in the top few bands around, especially live.

    The gig isn't a competition it should be seen as a celebration of the calibre of rock bands we have here in Belfast. I don't know elation but the other 3 could play anywhere and hold their own.
  12. avatar Andrew
    Dirty Stevie rock.
    Pay*ola rock.
    I ain't seen The Answer, but I hear they rock too.

    So let's not get into the old "band x will eat band y for breakfast" bollocks. Music ain't a competition y'all!

    We're looking forward to sharing our belFEST bill with Torgas Valley Reds, a band I've never seen but have heard plenty of good things about. Asses will be kicked all round!
  13. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes, gigs are not a zero sum game.
    Fighting is, however. Fight!
  14. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    My first post!
    I'm looking forward to seeing Dirty Stevie play on 27th November. Never managed to catch them live before, I'm ashamed to admit.
  15. avatar Andrew
    All I will say is that The Dangerfields will be kicking ass and taking no prisoners at this gig so you better be fuckin' ready!

    Now bite it you scum!
  16. avatar Beneath The Underdog
    ...the empire music hall will effectively become a pub rock ghetto leaving the streets free for music lovers everywhere to roam freely without fear of intimidation from thin lizzy & led zep t-shirted spides.

    shep deserves a nighthood.

    ps just an opinion, y'all.
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    belFEST participating bass players: plectrums or fingers?
  18. avatar Pete
    I might try an ebow myself...
  19. avatar theafterglowonline
    You ever try a fist?
  20. avatar whosbainejakey
    I heard Feline 1 heartily recommends it?

  21. avatar Beneath The Underdog
    morphsville, unless i'm very much mistaken the afterglowonline just made a pass at you. how..er, sweet...
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    Beneath the Underdog *HEARTS* the lead singer from Torgas Valley Reds.
  23. avatar cyclone 772
    some nice-lineups there.............. only wish it could be over 5 days and avoid every clash!
  24. avatar the afterglow horner
    [quote] That isn't a dig at you Horner, its a comment that will hold true to a lot of people.[/quote]

    how could it be a dig at me? all i said is that i heard they are class live. and i have listened to them extensively.

    i am looking forward to this gig. it'l probably be the best gig of the year. free admission is an extra bonus, as im skint. :)
    Edited by: the afterglow horner at: 18/11/03 6:01 pm
  25. avatar yodaISgreen
    I really think we need some fresh blood round these parts.
  26. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I once caught him pulling a banana out from his crotch after a gig. He gave me the banana. It tasted grand.

    No more slagging of the Pay*ola, I say.
    I've finally grown fond of them and their loopy pyrotechnics. Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 18/11/03 6:47 pm
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    Oh - controversial!
    And wrong, IMO. There's plenty of new bands coming through and featuring - and many who have come one hell of a way since last year (Dirty Stevie, Debonaires and several others).
  28. avatar T Entertainment
    In fact, there's so many new bands on there that I spot some glaring ommissions: Yakuza, Evangelists and so on.

    Balance not too bad, I'd say.

    If ever there was a poisoned chalice, it's deciding who gets on showcase event.
  29. avatar yodaISgreen
    Yes some bands have moved foward and some bands who were already good are still around.

    Just think its about time we had a couple *more* exciting, or at least interesting bands.

    There are still alot of bands around who, although i have respect for anyone who gets up with something they have created, are still plain and unengaging.

    things seemed a little more promising a while back....
  30. avatar the afterglow horner
    hahahah pete, do u know the ironic thing here? the reliable source i was talking about was you. i was telling alan one day that i wasnt 'too' fussed on payola (probably due to the fact that i havent heard them live). he said-
    ''well, pete always goes on about how they are amazin live, really rocky stuff'' .

    so i trusted you, but ill make my own mind up on thursday.
  31. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    phil from payola changed his tshirt before going on stage once, and it has put me off them ever since
  32. avatar comprachio
    The Underground and Belfest joining together for the first time... very happy bout this.
    Fantastic lineups for all venues. what about the CD - can anyone contribute or is completed???
  33. avatar the afterglow horner
    im honestly really excited, its like the perfect line up, indigo fury would have been good for the bill, but then again, theyre missing a guitarist and a bassist at the moment. this is very sad. they were undoubtably one of the best bands in ireland. hopefully they find someone soon. but will it be the same?
  34. avatar edwin mcfee
    must be added to the bill!!!

  35. avatar the afterglow horner
    whatever happened to that picture of tom green?
  36. avatar Pete Holstein
    Seems like I'll have to dash between the Limelight and Auntie Annies to catch the two bands I really want to see - namely Morph and Guided .... hope those stage times don't wander too much or I'm stuffed.
  37. avatar REALelectricNo9
    I am Luke, and here are my thoughts...

    FIRSTLY, i have discovered that with clarities definition comes a shallow embrace.

    i had an out of body experience today, my body shook and trembled and i saw Chuck Berry and and Roy Orbison in front of me,
    they bore a son, his name was Keith, he played like Richards and drummed like Moon and he wrote Born to Run in front of my eyes.
    i could feel the colours as well as hear them.

    IF I...if i forgive the planes of MIS-CONCEPT existing in the refuge of music and free speech and establish everybody's underlying motive it is apparant that innocent parties remain harshly treated and glorified slaves to dis-illusion are seemless and un-dignified, but celebrated all the same.


    To articulate the whole struggle even further go ahead and enchant yourself.
    dis-illusioning + wasting away.
    It will go one of the two ways.
    The other being mild but absolute and everlasting success.

    Nearly everyone that considers my enterpretation on any level will think I am crazy and dismiss any notion of value in my thoughts.
    And I'm certain it will go un-noticed by atleast 3 of you that I even have a point.
    It's the law of average.
    Slightly less people people will content themselves with picking out spelling mistakes I may have made, in the process rendering themselves incredible of a more pressing importance.

    For the first time in my unrelenting text I will be specific.

    Not any band on the whole bill, not any band on the whole bill, is guilty of the vast majority of users on this board.
    Therefore they have the state of mind to attend their ambition.

    I am fully, and totally aware that I am leaving myself for inclusion amongst my own aggressive tantrum, as my own band is no where,
    not even a feature on the shittiest venue or timeslot on the whole bill.
    Enterpret no sarcasm when I say that.

    But, enterpret no intent either way.


    I'm so far gone in my own consideration I SEEM TO FORGET the original insult which opened the floodgates to this.

    dirty stevie-the answer-payola and the other band on that list.
    none of them are even liable for dis-credit from anons.. and even rock n roll elites wouldn't stoop that low considering how each band embraces the intended spirit of music.

    put short sightedly with one brush stroke.

    they're @#%$ good and a healthy thing.
    and infinitely good at what they've chosen to do.

    If you think there's a chance I have fabricated this mono-logue to amuse myself and wallow in my own self love,
    seriously.... i would look in a mirror or find a guitar and play myself to sleep.
    or interfere with myself.
    i DO, have a point.

    who will be first to correct my spelling, grammar,
    or accuse me of being untalented or of being judemental and altogether a bad thing for the "scene" and to contemporary music as a whole.

    and there we have it,
    a half hour well spelt.
  38. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Luke, just come see Guided* on wed 26th @ Auntie Annies : 10:15pm sharp
    alls cool.
  39. avatar Pete
    I've read that three times and still haven't seen a point... but I'll keep trying!!
  40. avatar smalldistraction
    just in case you can't make it to see the guys next week, they are playing atSaturday Noght Live this week (plug.plug).
  41. avatar T Entertainment
    Luke, butane [i]is[/i] good, isn't?
  42. avatar T Entertainment
    "indie jealousy quote" - I love it!

    Listen, Beneath The Underdog *HEARTS* the lead singer form TVR and ALL things indie.
    Stop shouting at him - you will make him cry into his ladybird covered pillow.

    Yakuza: wow, local band in shrewdly turning down slot shock due to bigger picture considerations. Not a common occurrence.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 19/11/03 3:13 pm
  43. avatar T Entertainment
    God bless us, every one!

    Smitty, you touring the kids homes as Santa again this year?
    They certainly up their touring of other people's at this time of year..... Edited by: T Entertainment at: 19/11/03 3:39 pm
  44. avatar theafterglowonline
    Perhaps i am wrong but i think Lukes ramblings stem from this indie jealousy quote earlier in the thread

    [quote]...the empire music hall will effectively become a pub rock ghetto leaving the streets free for music lovers everywhere to roam freely without fear of intimidation from thin lizzy & led zep t-shirted spides.[/quote]
  45. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    [quote]In fact, there's so many new bands on there that I spot some glaring ommissions: Yakuza, Evangelists and so on. [/quote]

    Just to say, we were offered but declined a slot. We're working busily on new material for our next show, which is Tue 9th Dec in Auntie Annies
    but more shouting about that later
    carry on...
  46. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I know 'Beneath the Underdog' and may I say he is a top soft lad indie chappie.

    Now he may feel the Empire will be a pub rock ghetto, I on the otherhand feel that Katy's that night will be fully of poncy soft @rsed indie kids, more worried about how they look than by the quality of music on offer.

    Let us all join together for once and be thankful at last after many years in the wilderness that Belfast has an all around top class and growing music scene. Pub rock spides and indie fruits included.
  47. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Yes, one or two of my ex little dears spend this festive time, hanging around Dixon's looking to do their own Xmas specials on DVD player and Wide Screen TV's. God bless them, and their spirit of entrepreneuialism.
  48. avatar emillilly
    My first post!
    Did you guys play at the Hooley during the summer????
    If yous did I'll definately be there. That is at the Pavillion Bar Ormeau Road(more plugging for yous).

    I would also recommend going to see 'God Talking Soul'. I've seen these uns a few times and they are @#%$ 'Rocking' as you would say in your world.
  49. avatar T Entertainment
    Yo, gal! I just werked out who you are......hello!
    Slow.....so very slow......
  50. avatar emillilly
    Mr C......

    Slow isn't a bad thing these days. Unless ofcourse a bottle of jim beam has been involved.

    Are you heading down to the limelight tonight apparently there is something on for the "Vote For Yourself Party".
    George is back to put his stamp on the politicians butts. :hat
  51. avatar Gripper Magee
    Here Miss E is there free drink at it ?
  52. avatar MoeJay
    Remind me never to listen to anyone else's opinion on whether I should see a band / buy their cd / recommend them to someone else again. I'll stay in and listen to my Arnee and the Terminaters tape over and over instead.

    Anyway. Belfest sounds rockin this year, but where are the mighty GAMA BOMB?
  53. avatar Wasp Boy
    The Duke gig will be our first chance to rev up our new stacks....

    ...and dodge the dogfood.

    Overall line-ups are good. Hey, there's overlaps every year, you just gotta get the timing/booze ratio worked out and your flyin'.
  54. avatar T Entertainment
    I might well stick my head in the door - if only to see John G outlining his raft of policies, ie: playing air guitar, shouting 'tasty', 'you KNOW it makes sense' and falling over.... ;)
  55. avatar Pete
    [quote]Remind me never to listen to anyone else's opinion on whether I should see a band / buy their cd / recommend them to someone else again. I'll stay in and listen to my Arnee and the Terminaters tape over and over instead.[/quote]

    If you'd properly read what I wrote in the first place, then you would have seen that my comments were aimed towards people forming their opinions [i][b]solely[/b][/i] on other peoples reactions and opinions. Listen to recommendations and opinions, sure, but make you own mind up based on your own experience of a band. Edited by: morphsville at: 19/11/03 11:24 pm
  56. avatar Pete
    Just realised, I'll miss Little Hooks

  57. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    Fair play to the Afterglow bloke for reminding us of that hilarious, yet pathetic quote from the Ninebar guitarist fella(underdog)......Liking Thin Lizzy makes one a spide??...hmmmm, that's a new one to me
    Anyways, make do with yer Katy's slot pal, the rest of us will enjoy the Pub Rock Ghetto. It's hardly like Ninebar/new name are re-inventing the musical wheel.....however, I'd doubt the rest of yer band are as arrogant as yerself......you must be one HELL of a talented guy

    [url]http://www.payolarock.com[/url] Edited by: Philip PAYOLA at: 20/11/03 1:23 am
  58. avatar Andrew
    Ninebar are the new Delicious Chocolate Boys, I heard.
  59. avatar REALelectricNo9
    I thought love was only true in fairy tales
    Meant for someone else but not for me.
    Love was out to get me
    That's the way it seemed.
    Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

    Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
    Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
    I'm in love, I'm a believer!
    I couldn't leave her if I tried.

    I thought love was more or less a given thing,
    Seems the more I gave the less I got.
    What's the use in tryin'?
    All you get is pain.
    When I needed sunshine I got rain.

    Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
    Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
    I'm in love, I'm a believer!
    I couldn't leave her if I tried.
  60. avatar Andrew
    [b]Guns, Bitches, Brawls & Bottles[/b] (G.G. Allin)

    As gray as a monarch, the moments I pass
    The whisky bottle is my globe and the specter is my glass
    My table is my throne, and the bar room is my court
    The bi-whore is my subject and drinking is my sport

    Don't look for me in daylight, we're robots all assembled
    You'll find me in my dark world, in my smoke filled temple
    Whiskey breath and painted women bring me to my senses
    Prostitutes and loaded guns 'cause trouble is my business
    Guns, bitches, brawls & bottles, that's the only life I lead
    Don't know where I'll wake tomorrow, but today is all I need

    When the sun goes down, into the night I'll creep
    I'll beg, I'll steal and borrow, I'll hustle for my keep
    Do what I've got to do, the city is my play
    I'll kill you for a dollar if it's in the cards today

    Don't look for me in daylight, we're robots all assembled
    You'll find me in my dark world, in a smoke filled temple
    Whiskey breath and painted women bring me to my senses
    Prostitutes and loaded guns, 'cause trouble is my business
  61. avatar REALelectricNo9
    [b]"Born to Run"[/b] - b springsteen

    In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream
    At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines
    Sprung from cages out on highway 9,
    Chrome wheeled, fuel injected
    and steppin' out over the line
    Baby this town rips the bones from your back
    It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
    We gotta get out while we're young
    `Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

    Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend
    I want to guard your dreams and visions
    Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims
    and strap your hands across my engines
    Together we could break this trap
    We'll run till we drop, baby we'll never go back
    Will you walk with me out on the wire
    `Cause baby I'm just a scared and lonely rider
    But I gotta find out how it feels
    I want to know if love is wild
    girl I want to know if love is real

    Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
    The girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
    And the boys try to look so hard
    The amusement park rises bold and stark
    Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist
    I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight
    In an everlasting kiss

    The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
    Everybody's out on the run tonight
    but there's no place left to hide
    Together Wendy we'll live with the sadness
    I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
    Someday girl I don't know when
    we're gonna get to that place
    Where we really want to go
    and we'll walk in the sun
    But till then tramps like us
    baby we were born to run
  62. avatar T Entertainment

    Vodka intimate, an affair with isolation in a blackheath cell
    Extinguishing the fires in a private hell
    Provoking the heartache to renew the licence
    Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule
    Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience
    Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover
    Baptised in the tears from the real
    Tears from the real

    Drowning in the liquid seize on the piccadilly line, rat race
    Scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth
    Caress ophelias hand with breathstroke ambition
    An albatross in the marrytime tradition
    Sheathed within the walkman wear the halo of distortion
    Aural contraceptive aborting pregnant conversation
    She turned the harpoon and it pierced my heart
    She hung herself around my neck

    From the time-life-guardians in their conscience bubbles
    Safe and dry in my sea of troubles
    Nine to five with suitable ties
    Cast adrift as their sideshow, peepshow, stereo hero
    Becalm bestill, bewitch
    Drowning in the real

    The thief of baghdad hides in islingtown now
    Praying deportation for his sacred cow
    A legacy of romance from a twilight world
    The dowry of a relative mystery girl
    A vietnamese flower, a dockland union
    A mistress of release from a magazine's thighs
    Magdalenes contracts more than favours
    The feeding hands of western promise hold her by the throat

    A son of a swastika of '45 parading a peroxide standard
    Graffiti disciples conjure testaments of hatred
    Aerosol wands whisper where the searchlights trim the barbed wire hedges
    This is brixton chess
    A knight for embankment folds his newspaper castle
    A creature of habit, begs the boatman's coin
    He'll fade with old soldiers in the grease stained roll call
    And linger with the heartburn of good friday's last supper

    Son watches father scan obituary columns in search of absent school friends
    While his generation digests high fibre ignorance
    Cowering behind curtains and the taped up painted windows
    Decriminalised genocide, provided door to door belsens
    Pandora's box of holocausts gracefully cruising satellite infested heavens
    Waiting, wai-wai-waiting, the season of the button
    The penultimate migration
    Radioactive perfumes
    For the fashionably
    For the terminally insane, insane
    D-d-do you realise?
    D-d-do you realise?
    D-d-do you realise, this world is totally fugazi

    Where are the prophets
    Where are the visionaries
    Where are the poets
    To breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenary
  63. avatar Niall Harden
    i know you are, but what am i?

    edit: er, that is, on the subject of belfest.
    sadly i will be in london.

    Edited by: Niall Harden at: 20/11/03 12:10 pm
  64. avatar Pete
    Right, enough of that, back to the subject at hand please

    (which was Belfest by the way)
  65. avatar Niall Harden
    er.. that's it.
  66. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Right, let's get this thread back on track:

    Useless indie w@nkers.
  67. avatar EPK
    Well, definitely lots to see if you run around a bit, from the LL to the Empire in my case
    Next lyrics quoter is dead.

    EPK...promoting Thin lizzy spidiness since 1973.
  68. avatar emillilly
    well i think John just about stuck his head in the door literally. By the time I managed to get him off the bottle of tequila and down the road he was seeing double policies ---which is one more than he had.
  69. avatar Cuffy Hunt
    Good lord Mr Payola, I was only taking the pee for god sake. Your a long haired manicured loon of the highest order.

  70. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    Pat Butcher = Ratings Edited by: RIC Pop Machine at: 20/11/03 6:48 pm
  71. avatar EPK
    Let's not forget about that [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/photos/philandsinead.jpg"]duet[/url] Philip Payola's planning.
  72. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Lovely milly ear-rings. Must be the height of fashion in Irvinetown's.
  73. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Pat Butcher Acadamy?
  74. avatar REALelectricNo9
    humans :o
  75. avatar EPK
    Niall Hardin has one already, from a previous thread.
  76. avatar Gripper Magee
    Here, Smitty, leave Irvinestown out of it. Some damn fine people come from there you know.
  77. avatar EPK
    Yes, but very few stay there. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 21/11/03 1:36 pm
  78. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    .....aw fer fux sake
    Keyes, yer a c*nt!! Regarding the pits Fanjo.....one had just come off stage after a rather energetic performance.....I'm not normally such a sweaty b*stard! Can't quite explain why I look like I've drank 30 pints tho'. Why didn't you stick up the Dana/Leo Sayer classics, Eamonn?

    [url]http://www.payolarock.com[/url] Edited by: Philip PAYOLA at: 21/11/03 5:53 pm
  79. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Here Phil. That bird fancies you.

    A quick blast of Right Guard under the ol' pits, and yer in there!
  80. avatar EPK
    I already did, Philip...as in [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/photos/cormacandleo.jpg"]here[/url] and [url="http://www.epkmusic.co.uk/photos/jamesandsinead.jpg"]here.[/url]

    As you may have guessed, Philip's energetic performance involved an on-stage threesome with Leo Sayer and Dana.
    All kinds of everything went on. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 21/11/03 6:22 pm
  81. avatar Gerry Bigot
    Yet again Shep has put together a fine package of Talent from all over Northern Ireland.....Commend that man!

    One problem...Dirty Stevie and Hexxed at the same time in opposite emds of the town....WHY?????

    Too many possibly thunderous gigs, gotta get disappointed somewhere along the line.

    As for "belFEST participating bass players: plectrums or fingers?"
    You know the answer to that Chris....playing with a plectrum is fine, but if you cant play wiv yer pinkies, yer a big fruit!!
    What would I know, I'm only a drummer...
  82. avatar Gerry Bigot
    Here T, I'll bet you wrote those Fugazi lyrics from memory you big k-nerd!
  83. avatar The Fires of Hell
    [quote]One problem...Dirty Stevie and Hexxed at the same time in opposite emds of the town....WHY?????
    Too many possibly thunderous gigs, gotta get disappointed somewhere along the line.[/quote]

    Tell me about it
    I actually wanted to see DS as well, but its the nature of the beast. There will be quite a few people wanting to see both bands, and all I can say is please take a jaunt down to the LL, we will make it worth your while... I promise... even if you can only make 20mins or whatever.

    Further, I guess the LL 27th show is a "rock" show for want of a better word, and some of the other shows are more diverse - but remember how everyone enjoyed RMG last year? So all you people that dont normally go to see an extreme band at a gig or whatever, [b]please[/b] come down and check us out. I guarantee you will be entertained and hopefully will want to find out more.

    I could be wrong, but I guess Hexxed is the most extreme band BelFest has put on... so thanks for taking the chance on us, and hopefully many more usually indie or other types of users can take a chance too.


    What a puff piece, but I guess this is actually the appropriate time and place.

    Edited by: The Fires of Hell at: 23/11/03 10:33 am
  84. avatar the dowie
    From the Irish News:

    "will the backstage area (at The Empire) be big enough to hold the egos of Smitty, Phil, and Rory?"

  85. avatar BIGGY BIGMORE
    My first post!
    The Oddessy is not big enough for them heads.
    I think I will go to the Limelight & see Hexxed.
    They Rock!

    [b]Sha mone.[/b]
  86. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    Who's Rory? I've booked my ego into the Europa, cause apparently Smitty's will be using both dressing rooms.

  87. avatar the dowie
    I don't know who Rory is, but don't let it ruin the spake.
  88. avatar T Entertainment
    Whispas: my top pop sources tell me that local prole-rock ruffians Dirt 'n' Stephens have exhumed the corpse of Rory Gallagher to join them at this year's belFAST festival.
    Hotly tipped rivals Lazy are planning to hit back by having my showbiz chum and suitor Sinead McSqueezedhead from TV's 'Pop Music' join them on stage at the Empire for a saucy dance routine, trampet display and drum solo during a surprise cover of PJ and Harvey's 'Sheelna Gig'.
    A source (14) close to Dirt 'n' Stephens told me: 'Philip has gone too far. We're hoping this can be sorted out before we have to bring out the old footage of him kissing Brett Anderson backstage at the Ulster Hall, secretly shot when they supported his Poison outift back in the early eighties.
    "Rory's corpse has been a friend of the band for some time and this sort of sophisticated one-upmanship is no way to treat one of rock's greatest living dead guitarists."
    But Philip (42) last night hit back and in an emotional answering machine message to my showbiz hotline told me: "I'm both Byronic and bionic - love in an elevator, living it up while I'm going down, you been dancing with Mr Brownstone, Brian Smith - get in my ring!!!!! *thud*"
    Meanwhile, I cackled to myself, afraid and alone: 'I'm completely and utterly insane you know - mad, I tell you.
    Out of my gourd. Somebody help me.'
    Eamonn P Keyboards was not available for comment at time of being trapped in a hot press.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 23/11/03 5:34 pm
  89. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Hexxed are due on at 9.50pm, I know we are due on at 10.15pm, but such is our lax attiute to stage times, god knows what time we will dander on at. It usually has something to do with the drummer being at the bar, chatting up the classy chicks with short skirts.

    All I can say is, go and see Hexxed and then run like fuckin Ben Johnson on crack up to the Empire, it'll be well worth seeing both bands.
    Edited by: dirty stevie smitty at: 24/11/03 10:49 am
  90. avatar whosbainejakey
    "Rory," as any fool would surely have understood, is simply my pet name for Cormac from the Answer...

    [b](sorry, Cormac)[/b]

  91. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    My first post!

    Rory Gallagher at the Pavillion, Saturday.
  92. avatar EPK
    I will be seeing most of Hexxed and then running up to see The Dirt, as Smitty suggests.
    However, you'll find stage times might be tighter than you're used to, as the whole event interlocks.
    Seeing Hexxed live at the Limelight'll be an intense musical experience, not to be missed by any metal nerd who has ever lifted a guitar. I can never believe just how good these guys are. And Niall's drumming. Wow.
  93. avatar REALelectricNo9
    miss urban fox,
    if you took that photo personally, then i think i would have been standing pretty close,
    which person werya?

    I been on this board for a year and I still don't have a clue who anyone is really.

    I'm like a friggin tourist,
    where am I, again.
  94. avatar EPK
    Aye, but after your Empire gig we all know what you look like...so we hide!
  95. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    I was running round the place but I was up the front quite a lot for obvious photographic reasons, if you were up there too you probably did see me.

    This is me, with my close personal friend, the singer Barry McGuigan
  96. avatar EPK
    You need a shave, UrbanFoxx, but still, nice tie you're wearing.
  97. avatar EPK
    But anyway, back to real affairs.
    I've said goodbye to my family for the next three days, loaded up with Nurse Macintosh's Liver Protection Pills, and a fresh change of underwear for the next few days of Belfest.
    Tonight it'll be Lavery's to witness two of the best we have...
    Jennifer Jones,probably the best female vocalist in town at the minute, and Johnny Black, a stunningly good singer/somgwriter, then everywhere else to get some Red Sirus, The Debonaires (oh course), The Messiah Syndrome ( Depeche Mode meet Marilyn Manson) and Roysta.
    I waive all claims to respectability and responsibility after 10pm.
    Tell my mother, and Smitty's mother, that I love them.
  98. avatar the afterglow horner
    30 minute slots? thats @#%$.
    Edited by: the afterglow horner at: 26/11/03 11:17 am
  99. avatar Gripper Magee
    Of all the bloody weekends I'm going to Manchester.
    And working Thursday night at some shi ite gig.
    Back bar it is tonight then.
  100. avatar Pete
    Just a note to people coming down to see the gigs...

    Although the stage times are mostly an hour apart, the bands/artists have only got 30 min slots in most venues, 35 in the Empire and Limelight, this allows plenty of time for change overs.

    So bare that in mind when planning your schedule.

    I'm still pissed that I'm missing Little Hooks
  101. avatar That Man Fanjo
    And I'm pissed at the fact that I don't have 2 d to rub together, so I can't even put petrol in the car to get to any of the shenanigans.

    Perhaps in 24 hrs, EPK could be so kind as to urinate in the petrol tank... 100% proof.
  102. avatar moorso
    Have to say that one and all from [url="http://www.popmachine.co.uk"]Pop Machine[/url] will be heading to the Empire this Thur. Although have to agree with the comments a couple of posts above....have been posting on here for ages and still hardly know what anyone looks like etc. I however, will be easy to spot....black hat and goatee beard....if the hat comes off you will be blinded by the chrome dome!!!! fnar fnar
  103. avatar EPK
    30 mins is enough to condense your set down to your best, put all your energy into it, and still have time to drink afterwards.
  104. avatar Gripper Magee
    Sometimes 30 mins is all the public can take before their ears start to bleed !
  105. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Exactly... no necessity for any more, especially at showcase events such as this.
  106. avatar T Entertainment
    Where's me specs? Where's me sense of self respect? Where's me recollection of who punched me in the gub, rendering my lip fattened so?
    Good to see Andrew G waving that ol' wagon farewell again. Saturday promises civil disorder.
    Despite ropey sound, the Debonaires just keep getting better and better live. I'm getting bored of saying this. Somebody sign this band.
    NOTE: see how the Limelight crowd halved during Messiah Syndrome? That wasn't exactly unpredictable. Who? Wha? Uhh?
    Roysta - cannot give a reasonable appraisal. But I seem to recall enjoying the spectacle.
    Where's me specs? Edited by: T Entertainment at: 27/11/03 10:23 am
  107. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I stink.
    And my phone is screwed.
  108. avatar T Entertainment
    Cheers - that's me sacked*.

    * [b]GEDDIT!!!???!![/b] Edited by: T Entertainment at: 27/11/03 10:43 am
  109. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Roysta was memorable alright!
    This was definitely the most memorable moment of my night

    (Not particularly office-safe either!)
    [url="http://www.geocities.com/urban_foxxx/photos/misc/j103_0314.jpg"]Roysta in all his glory[/url]
  110. avatar whosbainejakey
    You are a gibbon. I liked Molotov Spike?

    edit: JP Red Sirus - only got yr message this morning due to a dead phone battery. Sorry there. You didn't miss much, unless your definition of "much" is enduring me and Ruari Rodan playing air guitar and singing Skid Row songs at extreme volume. For 2 hrs. Headache

    Roll on the night...

    BJ Edited by: whosbainejakey at: 27/11/03 11:46 am
  111. avatar rj mc intyre
    My first post!
    grrr. triggerman are on very early tonight. it's dangerous to be out from such an early hour on a work night. no good can come of this, but it's worth it i reckon.
    Edited by: rj mc intyre at: 27/11/03 1:31 pm
  112. avatar Camp XRay
    milkman dan!
  113. avatar Camp XRay
  114. avatar Wasp Boy
    Milkman Dan is a genius.

    Last night was enough to make me stay in tonight.
  115. avatar rudedoodle
    people....... [/url]
  116. avatar T Entertainment
    Apparently we had a grapple. It was, I am reliably informed, an [i]appalling[/i] spectacle. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 27/11/03 5:48 pm
  117. avatar dave debonaire
    My first post!

    what a guy.
  118. avatar EPK
    The Debs were unstoppable louts.
    I spent ages just watching Craig's tits bounce.
    About 75% of the crowd had been lost by the time the Messiah Syndrome started, but by the end of their set, they'd roped more than half of that back with a stonkingly entertaining set, despite the complete loss of the sequencer in the mix for the first three songs.
    In other places, local professionalism made it's reappearance in Lavery's back bar, where the soundcheck was supposed to be at 7pm, and the first act on stage at 8.30PM.
    The soundman weighed in with the PA at 8.45PM.
    As for Roysta, well.
    Still, nice turn out from all the local ligs. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 27/11/03 6:07 pm
  119. avatar Heron vs Pterodactyl

  120. avatar whosbainejakey
    What, like Paddy Kielty?

  121. avatar Andrew
    Paddy Kielty is about as funny as crabs.

    Last night, however, was very funny.

    I remember little beyond The Debonaires.
  122. avatar REALelectricNo9
    i cant qoute whole song lyrics in real life though unless you stand and watch me.
    no need to hide.

    might even do requests :lol

    by the way.
    is anyone going to the empire tonight from near lurgan |I
    somewhere, id get the train only id have to leave before payola / answer

    oh hell

    right enough.
    ill give you like... a fiver Edited by: REALelectricNo9 at: 27/11/03 7:28 pm
  123. avatar cyclone 772
    was a damn good turnout and some great sets - debonaires, go commando, edgeweather and red sirus to name but 4
  124. avatar T Entertainment
    The Dirt rocked the house. Not their finest gig, but a triumph nonetheless.

    But the crucial question is: did anyone from Roque Jnr make it to the Finnish?
  125. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Fantastic night!
    I thought all 4 bands were excellent, but Dirty Stevie and The Answer were def my faves and as it is the first time seeing them both live in about 6 months, it is clear to see how hard they have worked over the summer. I would be very surprised if both of these bands were not signed by this time next year. Congrats to everyone involved on putting on an excellent show!

    (Although I may sue the bastards - my feckin ears are feckin bleeding. I literally could not hear a word anyone was saying after the dirts set. I think "excuse me?" and "what?" were my most used phrases last night
    Photos coming over the weekend when my site will be back up - including a nice shot of the dirt when they realised they had (aciddently) set off the fire alarm...... ;)

    OH and did anyone find keys?
    Edited by: GrahamSmithNI at: 28/11/03 3:07 pm
  126. avatar Beneath The Underdog
    not quite but a noble effort was made.

    maybe this is a bad case of chinese whispers but i heard that payola did a rousing rendition of the talking heads classic "burning down the house" last night. can anyone shed any light on this?
  127. avatar rudedoodle
    [url="http://www.livejournal.com/users/rudedoodle/"]Empire. Not as messy as the previous night at the LL, but some familiar faces in these photos none the less.[/url]
  128. avatar soulfluff
    last night was so perfect, hexxed provided sweaty haired rockers with spread legs and thrusting crotches, then hearing 'so you wanna have sex with me' bellowing out of the empire, could hear it from shaftsbury square!! I adore payola (biased) but to quote someone on their site "Pay*ola stole the show with their loopy pyrotechnics and stage dominatrix" and jesus The Answer were amazing! last night was the kinda show you can imagine blasting a stadium to bits, well done guys!

  129. avatar rudedoodle
    I dunno, I found the bands last night too similar or sthg? I was in The Empire the whole time.
    I loved The Dirt, as ever, but as you say Iona, I'm biased too as they are one of my favourite local bands.

    I was fantasising about Subway by the time Payola hit (& exploded) the stage, and halfway through The Answer I couldn't wait any more and Simsie & I played truant for a BLT with thousand island dressing.
  130. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Personally, we were not too fussed with things last night. The sound was keek from what a few people told me. Could have done better, a few wee mistakes. But they'll be sorted come the next gig on Dec 17th.
  131. avatar soulfluff
    smitty are you ill?? you all rocked last night so shaddup
  132. avatar rudedoodle
    I knew I heard a fire alarm! I was in the loos & had to hold my ears it was so screechy, when I came out into the hall it had stopped & I think David thought I'd imagined it :/
  133. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    Enjoyed Dirty Stevie. Thought sound was good Smitty. Was certainly surprised by the pyro for Payola - I thought a wrestler was about to appear from behind the stage.
  134. avatar theafterglowonline
    Last night was fantaststic at the Empire. Arguably the 3 best bands around (regardless of genre) playing at their peak. I didnt get to see Elation.

    Fantastic. The pub rock ghetto was certainly uplifting and highly
    enjoyable. No shoe gazing at all.
  135. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Pay*ola were so hot last night they set off the fire alarms...etc etc.

    Great night.
  136. avatar moorso
    Smitty....you rocked it old son!
  137. avatar the afterglow horner
    it definately was a truely amazin gig. the dirt were excellent, hide away is a classic. smitty's proving to have a bit of mic jagger in him. good presence.

    the answer were the dogs balls. the best band i have ever seen. once again there was a mini mosh pit when they played. - favourite part of the night- stone cold doctor by the answer.

    i was so @#%$ though, having no dinner, two bottles of wine and about 12 jamesons whiskey in my system. my legs buckled about 4 times, some @#%$ had coats on the floor and i fell right in the middle of the place flat on my face. well, on to the afterglowonlines shoes- so there was some shoe gazing done. Edited by: the afterglow horner at: 28/11/03 11:02 pm
  138. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Mandela Hall, last night: The Betes Noires, are seriously moving on as a band. I only caught the last 3 songs of their set, but they were top notch. I reckon it has someting to do with no more dodgy shirts on stage.
  139. avatar T Entertainment
    I only caught Vapour Lounge, and they also impressed me more than previously - good to see Herb strutting his stuff with an axe again rather than those gay AOR keyboards.... ;)

    Very slick indeed.

    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 29/11/03 5:00 pm
  140. avatar T Entertainment
    He looked, as ever, like a natural born, prima facie rock star.
    Some people have 'it'. He is one of them.

    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 29/11/03 5:03 pm
  141. avatar EPK
    Aye, the Betes have improved drastically over this past while..the vocals are sorted, and "Show OF Strength" was class stuff, as was the closing song.
    A big up to God Talking Soul, who were very, very impressive with that rhythm section, and Nick Mc Callan's voice was just amazing.
  142. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Yeah, he looks delighted at the change

  143. avatar EPK
    No. You forgot those important squiggly bits.
    He's one of "them".
  144. avatar rudedoodle
    [url="http://www.livejournal.com/users/rudedoodle/"]Just a few photos from last night..... tired now. Sleep.[/url]
  145. avatar T Entertainment
    Don't wanna say too much now cos I gotta review it elsewhere, but last night was the best night of the fest, IMO.

    Anyone who witnessed that and still - sneeringly - doesn't take the Dangerfields seriously doesn't like rock 'n' roll as I understand it, basically.
    Storming. To quote comic book guy: 'best gig ever'. And by God I must have seen dozens by now.
    [i]Great[/i] pictures, courtesy soulfluff:



    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 30/11/03 9:39 pm
  146. avatar um david
    Yeah, couldn't agree more. It was a hella good night alright. But alas, I've reviewing duties to deal with too so suffice to say The Dangerfields handed many peeps their asses last night. Those pics kinda say it all really.
  147. avatar rudedoodle
    Is that my sleeve making an appearance in the top shot?
    I was rowdy.
  148. avatar T Entertainment
    [i]And[/i] you and Kearney swooped on the MD, leaving me empty handed and empty hearted.
  149. avatar rudedoodle
    I got the pink one.
  150. avatar um david
    That race for the MD was one of the funniest moments all night. It was priceless. If only we had pics of that.
  151. avatar monrobot
    My first post!
    I simply have to break a protracted leave of absence from FastFude to comment on last night at the Duke - sadly arrived too late to see Handsome Gaz, but made it in fine time to see Killer Kane. Killer Kane rocked. They rocked ladies and germs. Like lab monkeys. That had been genetically altered only to rock. See this band at the soonest opportunity. And damned if there weren't more Rock Poses per square inch than any other set within a 300 mile radius.

    Torgas Valley Reds managed to be melodic, intense, inventive and melancholic all in one fell swoop, and maracas on stage are always welcome... great band.

    Had to skeedaddle just as the D's made it onstage, but I have it on good auhority that they are, in fact, the mad scientists who performed the experiements on the KK monkeys! Excellent night all round, hope all Belfest events lived up to this standard.
  152. avatar soulfluff
    doesn't quite convey the madness of the md rush, but at least it's proof

  153. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    You know, even seeing those pics and reading all the positive ravings, I still don't regret not being there. BelFEST broke me.
    After five nights out on the trot, I spent the entire weekend hiding out in Sydenham, avoiding alcohol and doing no socialising whatsoever.
    Have to say my body is still thanking me for it...
  154. avatar Andrew
    Mega thanks to everyone who came on Saturday and let some rock'n'roll into their lives. We had a f*cking great night. The MD rush was hilarious - only wish we'd brought more of the stuff now! Hope to see some of you back in the ring on 21st Dec for our Xmas show in Auntie Annie's.

    Now lemme hear it for Shep. The big guy put together a top quality week of local entertainment and deserves a round of applause. Nice one, squire!
  155. avatar cyclone 772
    we, what is this md rush thing all about?
  156. avatar nonlogic liam
    saturday nite was amazing, Unfortunately I missed my bus to Galway and ended up getting stranded in derry/londonderry/doire/sh*ithole the next day. And had to phone my mummy to come pick me up. Torgas valley reds where brillant, killer jane were'nt my kind of thing but were very good at what they do-I want to see more of them. And of course those candy ass freaks the dangerfields went down a storm, the best ive seen them in ages. The party afterwards was NOT normal in the least.
    Unfortunately me and eammon missed the 7 o clock bus to belfast thus missed the almighty handsome gaz-whoops.
  157. avatar caro1yn
    My first post!
    liam that was you 666th post! appropriately... :evil
  158. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote]Torgas valley reds where brillant, killer jane were'nt my kind of thing but were very good at what they do-I want to see more of them.[/quote]

    Who is "Killer Jane"?
    Your psychotic ex-girlfriend?
  159. avatar Andrew
    ATL reviews now up at [url]http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/belfest2003/index.shtml[/url]
  160. avatar nonlogic liam
    A freudian slip perhaps eammon. Sorry there killer kane.