1. avatar Ciaran
    Has anyone ever used this, is it worth buying?

    [url=http://www.bossus.com/index.asp?pg=1&tmp=154]Here's a link[/url]
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  2. avatar gerard
    hey man i wud say, if u can get the br-1200 i have it and its truly amazing, the quality of the demos that can be done on it....but if ur working to a smaller budget i wud say def get it, they are dead easy to work..i used my boss to record the demos i put on my myspace page if ya wanna have a wee listen ;) www.myspace.com/gerardmccartan

    the br-600 wud b a good starting point
  3. avatar Ciaran
    Aye, it's just for a bit of craic really, my boss wants to record some Irish trad stuff (he'S got a great voice for it) so he said he'll buy the yoke and all, and I'll be able to hang on to it, so why not.
  4. avatar flaresnflowers
    I have the boss br532 which is an older similar model but its only 4 track playback and its dead on. The only downer is the small 128mb flash card, always have to back it up on to pc, but that one has a USB port for direct transfer so thats even better and its 8 track playback. If your boss is paying for it even better I'd say go for it.
  5. avatar splitscreen
    am selling a boss br 1180 make a reasonable offer and its yours!
  6. avatar Ciaran
    Would but I'm in Germany.