1. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    Anyone got a guitar fer sale, sort of thing you could use as a just in casey string breaks kinda job.........I just sold my just in casey and now predictably we are gonna start giggin again.........bummer.
    Pm or email me if your trying to shift somethin
  2. avatar damageplanner
    im sellin an LTD F50 for £100 if ur interested, in perfect condition like i just never play it anymore i have a post floatin about here somewhere
  3. avatar Craig
    Im selling an Ibanez RG321MH great for that rock tone, crap for clean. sitting at £90 on ebay at the minute. If you win you can obviously collect for free

  4. avatar JamesC
    I've got an Epiphone Flying V for sale. Here's the link if you're interested: