1. avatar shuck norris
    Believe it or not, Im looking for a drummer. Influences include Metallica, Maiden, QOTSA, Helmet etc etc. We practice on Tuesday nights and are based mostly in Lurgan, although one of the guys lives in Belfast and travels down for practice (handy for a lift if you are from Belfast...)If you are interested gimme a shout back. Cheers

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  2. avatar shuck norris
    Ah go on....
  3. avatar shuck norris
    Still looking..
  4. avatar fastfude
    there are at least 3 'drummer available' threads on page 1 o' the classifieds as I type this :P
  5. avatar shuck norris
    Oh so true, but two are the same person and logistically he don't like me as he lives in Newcastle and the other is an experienced blues drummer looking a blues band and probably with 30 years experience looking for a good one too!!
  6. avatar General Sod
    My first post!
    Yo Shuck, drummer lives! (in Lisburn). Like the line up of influences, I'm looking for a band in my area. Can play loud or slightly less loud, drunk or sober. What's your plan with the Shuck Norris project?
  7. avatar shuck norris
    Check your messages you lovely lovely person you :twisted: