1. avatar darkprince07
    Im 21 male from Bangor and Im looking to join a band or form one.

    My influences include:

    Guns n roses
    Thin Lizzy
    Steve Vai
    Joe Satriani
    Deep Purple

    My playing is decent enough for a band (in my opinion).
    I really want to make a living out of it, get on the scene.
    I prefer playing classic rock legends but I also like heavy metal aswell. Playing covers is only a start for me, I can come up with very good solos that resemble alot of famous guitarists out there but not to the copying extent. I write lyrics also but need a band to help me out. My equipment is diabolical at the moment, I play great for the equipment I got but Im sure I could play better with the correct equipment.

    I feel the world needs a dose of the classic rock again, some new songs but with the old 70's and 80's rock feel to them. I think it would be a great venture.

    Anyone interested p.m me or email me at christophersittlington@hotmail.co.uk