1. avatar Redfin
    Just gauging interest from you townie bands to see how far you'se would be willing to travel for a decent rehearsal room. I'm in the process of putting one together (not literally putting it together as i've no balsa wood or sticky-back plastic) got in before ya's 8) and it's in the mighty metropolis of Carrick (mighty metropolis is carrick speak for shitehouse) again got in first, have had lots of interest from other side of carrick ie: whitehead, larne etc. so would you'se go 12 odd miles?
    Dunno if this should be forum or industry but it's just a question not a sales pitch....not yet anyhoo
  2. avatar Wd-adam
    Where abouts would this place be in Carrick?
  3. avatar unplugged
    my band wud be interested but it would need to be half decent rig in it.

    not a shitty 1000w behringer pa in it. something decent

    things to think of -

    1) Pa
    2) Location
    3) heat. most important.
    4) stands, extra amps for bands who cant hike loads of gear etc.

    If you rig it right u got our band as a customer redfin :)
  4. avatar Redfin
    Location is in Kilroot park,with a view to be opening end of March/Start of April. Kit will include:

    H&H Bass Head & cab
    Drumkit - for use if required
    Peavey Bass bins and tops
    BK 1500w pa (1x600w & 1x900w) split between bins and tops
    Soundcraft Spirit Studio 16 channel desk
    haven't confirmed guitar amps yet but there will be 2 either marshall or laney cos thats what i like
    mics & stands for vocals and instruments
    all properly heated with seating area/tea-coffee maybe even a fridge if I feel generous
  5. avatar unplugged
    now we are talking. brilliant mate honestly.
  6. avatar Wd-adam
    I could fucking walk to practice, wow. Now all we need to know is cost.
  7. avatar unplugged
    well as a carrick based band we would def be interested. and i know another 4 or 5 bands who would. all good guys 20+ and sane.
  8. avatar kickintheteeth
    yeah, sounds really good man. handy(ISH) for me too.
  9. avatar Redfin
    cheers for the interest and comments so far guys, being in a band too i've put a lot of thought (& cash) into this,

    it's not confirmed yet but price structure should be:

    1 hour - 12.00
    2 hours - 21.00
    3 hours - 25.00

    obviously 3 hrs benefits everyone as I wouldn't have to run back and forward every hour.

    15 mins either side for set-up/pack up and discount for block bookings of a month or more.

    sorry this is turning into a sales pitch now
  10. avatar chrisjedijane
    you would do well to maybe have at least one (and two if you could stretch to it) 100W marshall cabinet (2x12 or bigger) to accomodate people who use a head and cab setup - they'd be more inclined to travel to a place if they had to bring less gear.
  11. avatar Wd-adam
    Anymore word on this?
  12. avatar spirit of division
    Hmm. I was hoping to get a space up and running, though living in belfast I aimed it to have it here...but everywhere either a) too expensive or b) balls. Hope this works out. Cabs are a good idea.
  13. avatar Redfin
    just an update - I've been messed about a bit by the people in kilroot so there has been a delay in getting this up and running, they let someone store stuff in the unit i was meant to be getting, was told a week and they're still there. Upside is I've got a new unit which is twice the size so i'll be able to have 2 rooms, downside is it's going to take a couple more weeks to be ready as one of the areas needs a new ceiling. I had a meeting today with the site manager and we hope to be fully up and running by the 8th of May. Bit of a bollix for all but i'll keep updating as things progress.

    cheers for all the interest.