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    [quote:4dfae87860]‘All good things come to an end’…

    After seven years together the four members of Leya have decided to call it a day.
    The ending of the band comes as a disappointment for each of us, but we are all agreed that it was the best time to end it. The reasons for the split are not important, but we want all our supporters to know that the split was done in a very professional manner, with the utmost respect for each other as people, friends and as musicians. We also want you to know that we all remain very best of friends and we are confident that we will work together on future music projects but not under the name of Leya.

    Each member is now going forward with separate musical projects, so this is not the last that the music world has heard from us…..

    Finally, the four members of Leya would like to take this moment to thank everyone that has helped us over the past seven years…Our management, Record Label, Promoters, the fantastic bands that we have had the honour to play with, the venues.
    But most of all we would like to give the most heart felt thanks to the fans of Leya and all our families and friends. Without whom, Leya simply would not have been able to stay together for so long, and have had such great time writing, recording and playing our music.

    Until we meet again…….[/quote:4dfae87860]

    shame - they were a pretty decent band i thought.
  2. avatar Pete
    Agreed, one of favourite bands, not just local favourites. Always popping up on my ipod playlists. Ciaran has a truly stunning voice and a great lyrical mind. I hope we'll hear more from all of them in some form in the future.
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    Although not totally my cup of tea, there was no denying that they were a talented bunch.
  4. avatar foamboy
    Ciaran, or Bono?