1. avatar GD
    Maxon ROD881 - Valve Overdrive/Distortion.
    The overdrive setting is tubescreamer sounds and the distortion setting is for heavier tones.

    There is a footswitchable boost to both these settings.
    I have used it with Line 6 and Behringer solid states, which it made them sound like pure valve and a fender blues deville - which was a fantastic sound, great cleans then great overdrive ( and a boost).

    My new amp has all the overdrive I need - I might pick something up for a lead boost sometime. They retail for £185. I'm asking for £95

    Here's a bit of info. and the link to harmony central.



    Adding a couple of other things to my clear out before I put them on ebay.

    George Dennis Wah Wah, excellent condition - £35.

    Framus 12 string acoustic - as new really, satin type finish, great sounding, playing and looking - £80.
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  2. avatar spirit of division
    i just might take this but got to check funds first.
  3. avatar GD
    No bother.
  4. avatar Box Marked Commie
    For the lead boost thing, try the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal, it has a "boost" setting which seems to just be a perfect lift for that sort of thing.

    They aren't too dear either - I have one and I couldn't be happier :)
  5. avatar GD
    Dead on. I've never tried the bluesbreaker but I'll keep an eye out.
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Aye they are about £25-30 and built like a wee tank.
  7. avatar GD
    added another couple of things to my clearout.