1. avatar drive by fader
    Iconoclastic have 4 new songs up on myspace that we recorded with Dave McCullogh at Shabby Road. These tunes will soon be available as the 'it isn't easy being human so let's all try harder' EP. Check them out!

  2. avatar dave debonair

    there may be no I in team,
    but there is a U in McCullough. :-D
    (see what i did there etc etc)

    oh yeah, and for a good time...
    shameless, i know.
  3. avatar drive by fader
    Indeed Mr McCullough did a great job in making us sound like we knew what we were doing :)

    Tell me, are the songs working for people ok on the myspace? I fear they may not be and that's quite annoying really.

  4. avatar chrisjedijane
    paullllll! it's not working!!!!

    how are we supposed to become super-rich megastars off myspace if the people who played the songs can't even hear them?
  5. avatar drive by fader
    Good point Chris!

    I uploaded them at Queen's library and i fear that i'll need to do it on someone's personal computer. There's no sound device on these things and maybe that's the problem?

  6. avatar drive by fader
    They are now working!
  7. avatar chrisjedijane
  8. avatar drive by fader
  9. avatar goatboy
    Just had a listen to this and it's fantastic stuff!

    Really enjoying Then She Fell........

    Soul Cadet?
  10. avatar drive by fader
    Cheers Goatboy!

    If you fancy a physical copy of the tunes just PM me your address and i'll get that to ye.
  11. avatar drive by fader
    Copies will be available at our gig on Monday 30th at Club Sandwich in Lavery's.

  12. avatar icedcoffee
    Theres an EP! YAY!

    See ya tomorrow chaps.