1. avatar imola
    i've recently discovered that there is another band with the same name as mine (sorry - ours!), which is Imola.
    they havn't been using the name as long as we have and we've informed them of that but the cheeky scamps didnt' reply, and they continue to use the name. both bands being unsigned i cant decide whether to;
    a. keep Imola as our name and hope that they (the other Imola) go away and/or are a big pile of sh1te;
    b. keep Imola as our name and pay someone to hack the fuk out of their rather professional looking website (flashy b4sterds), and their myspace page;
    c. give up on music altogether;
    d. Imola's a cr4p name anyway;
    e. other

    i will keep you updated on the results of this very interesting poll...and while i am some pr1ck from (the other) Imola will likely steal my wife and kids
  2. avatar Chi-Lite
    D; Imola's a crap name anyway.

    Change your name to The Snow Shoe Stereo Style
  3. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    This is a perfect opportunity to ditch that terrible name.
  4. avatar Speed Demon
    The guy with the pink hair is a bit scary-looking. I'd just quietly back away and change the name.

    Though I don't reckon much to their website or especially myspace - black writing on a black background?
  5. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I'm sure the locals of the real Imola or whoever owns the race track really don't mind who fights over the name.

    That's were the genius of Ayrton Senna sadly got himself killed in 1994 as well.
  6. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    change your name to The Imolas
  7. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Change it to Rikmandu. No one's ever been called that before.
  8. avatar Orzo
    Time to get out the fridge magnets and try again.
  9. avatar whipchorus
    Change it to Hockenheim. Or the Spas.
  10. avatar kingmob
    The Joey John Joe Shabbadoo Stereo All-Stars.
  11. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    How about 'Fred West and the Wall Brackets'?
  12. avatar kingmob
    Harold Shipman and the Aul Dolls.
  13. avatar huggy baps
    Paul Gad And The Kids?
  14. avatar Danny McCormack
    An absolute gold mine of good advice so far.

    Try to get in touch with them about the name again. You won't legally have to change your name until either of you get signed to a record company, where promotions are an issue. However if the band isn't from Northern Ireland then you'd be grand using the current name until you get signed or start touring their area.
  15. avatar Pete
    This topic has arisen several times in the past. I found this old thread after a quick search. I haven't read throught it again, but odds are there at least one or two relevant and useful posts contained in it :

  16. avatar Speed Demon
    If you check their website there is one entry under their photo portfolio: clearly identified as their very first gig. If you have evidence that you were using the name in public before then, you have a better moral case.

    You have no legal case whatsoever though.

    And I do honestly think that now would be a good time to change your name to something more memorable and internet-friendly. Leave the racetrack to the Ferraris.
  17. avatar zebulon
    [quote:ebace984a5="Speed Demon"]Leave the racetrack to the Ferraris.[/quote:ebace984a5]All jokes aside, I think that'd be a cracker name!
  18. avatar ShowYourBones
    [quote:2bb2ec0895="zebulon"]All jokes aside, I think that'd be a cracker name![/quote:2bb2ec0895]

    Bit of an elongated URL though.

    I'd agree that the name needs changed, especially since there is another band out there. Originality speaks volumes and if you are serious about the band then the name is extremely important in marketing terms (imo).
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  19. avatar thefatson
    How about ImolaRLY!

    Ya Rly
  20. avatar kingbowski
    [quote:d197d2c87d="thefatson"]How about ImolaRLY!

    Ya Rly[/quote:d197d2c87d]

  21. avatar imola
    thank you all for the advice (and pictures!)
    Imola will continue to dedicate* songs to to the fine folk on fastfude (amongst others).
  22. avatar Shane
    Bravojacks Strontium and the Peptic Vacuums.
  23. avatar BFG Kev
    What about "Monza", being the alternate alternative.
  24. avatar TheJebs
    Oh God Am I Gonna Make It?
    in tribute to Aryton Senna and in keeping with the current
    trend to have a random sentence as a band name!!!
  25. avatar thefatson
    Original and best: