1. avatar doblersdream
    Minor damage at one side of the body. Apart from that it's in very good condition.

    Had this valued at approx £240 once the minor damage is repaired, so looking £80 cash for this. An absolute bargain.

    Buyer to collect from Carrickfergus Mon-Thur 10am-5.30 or Fri-Sat 10am-9pm.

  2. avatar doblersdream
    £70 ono :roll:
  3. avatar doblersdream
    I'm amazed that no-one on here has snapped this up :shock: or even made an offer.
  4. avatar doblersdream
    50 ono :cry:

    someone is gonna get a bargain
  5. avatar spirit of division
    put it on ebay....eko stuff shifts well there.
  6. avatar doblersdream
    I would but i don't have an Ebay account...
  7. avatar doblersdream
    Had agreed a sale price of £50 for this, but the buyer couldn't collect, so back up for sale again.

    Grab a bargain!

    For pics please pm me with your email address
  8. avatar oxo
    how badly is it damaged?
  9. avatar unplugged
    if i can help out here dobbler as its ryan from alibi. cheers for putting up the wee poster. :)

    ive seen the guitar. generally its in great order just small amount of damage to bottom edge where the top meets the bottom side. a small amount of cream binding is missing thus looking like a wee gap in the top and the side. with an evenings careful work a new piece of binding and a clamp and some glue would have it repaired. even with this damage it plays well.

    there are not many of these guitars about now. this one is one of the ones with the better necks made of striped mahogany and alder. the neck is straight as a dime. plays great for its age. it is a collectors piece like. not bad for 50 dabs.
  10. avatar BOSCO
    PM'ed you.