1. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Saw this on another forum, but thought a few may will be interested in it.

    This dude has written his own documentary to counter Michael Moores films.

    He has posted them on YouTube, here is a link to his profile...from there you can see all 8 parts of the Documentary. They are approx 7mins long each...so if ya get chance watch them.

  2. avatar Wd-adam
    Going to go have a look now. I hate Michael Moore with a passion.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    NO WAY will this one descend into bitter ideological trench warfare... 8)
  4. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    [quote:9cb9129c95="Wd-adam"]Going to go have a look now. I hate Michael Moore with a passion.[/quote:9cb9129c95]

    er, so does this guy.....

  5. avatar Wd-adam
    [quote:9ad5fd51a5="Numbnut Sounds"][quote:9ad5fd51a5="Wd-adam"]Going to go have a look now. I hate Michael Moore with a passion.[/quote:9ad5fd51a5]

    er, so does this guy.....


    Yea, I gathered that.
  6. avatar tinpot anto
  7. avatar Mexico
    Yeah michael moore exgerates a lot of stuff highlighting stuff of little significance so that it seems a bigger deal than it is but your boring guys arguments are deeply flawed abd have little or no relevance to moores points. Like the origins of slavery(whilst still a big issue) has nothing to do with BFC , or the fact the gun isnt loaded in the bank(well spotted dumbass).

    MIchael moore = twat
    Boring guy = bigger twat
  8. avatar The Ronster
    Christ, what a charismatic and attractive young man!
  9. avatar Danny McCormack
    People like this who make documentaries based on partially true facts and hearsay are no better than Moore himself.
  10. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    I'll never forgive him for trying to blow up team america.

  11. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I met Michael Moore once...

  12. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  13. avatar Bones
    [quote:c40d9d679d="Zwaddap_deep_doo"]I'll never forgive him for trying to blow up team america.


    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    For a fat bearded eejit Moore has done a lot of good. He has educated a lot of stupid americans, in fact a lot of stupid people world wide. He still annoys me immensely tho.
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  14. avatar Wd-adam
    There were a couple of interesting moments there but mostly I found it difficult to get past the presenter tripping over pretty much every sentence. Some of it was a bit sketchy.
  15. avatar livemusicpics.com
    that guy is a gimp - i've watched two but i couldn't listen to him any longer.
  16. avatar fastfude
    I couldn't even make it that far. :oops:
  17. avatar davethetimekeeper
    "No longer would I take the media's BS" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    lol - i watched them all :shock:

    it does raise a cpl of good points, in the same way that Moore does
  19. avatar frajam
    To be honest i couldnt finish watching all of these because that guy really was anoying me. From what I saw I didnt like the fact that he was making invalid points that could not be justified,For example it was stated that other counntries own slaves and African sold slaves... OK, So what!!! Does that justify slavery in America???
  20. avatar tinpot anto
    Did somebody give "in prog" a camera for Christmas or what? :lol:
  21. avatar die the flu
    The gist of this guy's documentary appears to be: "Michael Moore is a not a trustworthy documentary maker".

    Um, duh. The fact that this guy said he came out of a cinema having watched a Michael Moore film and his life was changed kinda speaks volumes...
  22. avatar Mexico
    he also reminds me of napolean dynamite(talking wise) although obviously not as funny
  23. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    this guy [b:9e4da6700a]HAS[/b:9e4da6700a] to make a new video after current events...

    like, DUH :roll:
  24. avatar kingmob

    Yeah, the secretaries of Wal-Mart need to hassled again by a fat guy with poor body odour.
  25. avatar MtCaramel
    "Don't trust talking bullets. That's all I'm saying."