1. avatar spirit of division
    [b]Need a hand with a date! Dublin isnt happening...anyone able to pick it up? We'll travel anywhere so long as people will come :)

    Either pm me here or use the details at the end.....![/b]

    Yup...two great bands hitting all over Ireland together for 5 days in March.

    Mon 26th - Galway @ De Burgos
    Tues 27th - Waterford @ Paul Flynns
    Weds 28th - Dublin - Whelans
    Thurs 29th - Belfast @ The Pavilion Bar
    Fri 30th - Derry @ The Nerve Centre*

    *Giveamanakick will play the Derry show.

    [color=red][b]WE ARE KNIVES[/b][/color]



    Jazzy/mathy three-piece similar to Don Cab and Faraquet! Like them you'll love this. Technical as hell, weird time signatures and structures, finger tapping for toe tapping!

    One of the most intense bands you will ever come across, We Are Knives combine their Don Cab-esque intricacies with more off-kilter, post-hardcore vocals, all in jaw-dropping live show.


    'In fusing the raucous energy of post hardcore with the guitar innovation of King Crimson, they have created a sonic identity that is not only unique to them, but that is also explosively powerful. With hypnotic, linear passages giving way to huge, crashing climaxes, the wonder of it is its intense and unpredictable delivery. They have succeeded in not only making fantastically difficult music, but performing it with gusto, and – most shocking of all – having people going crazy for it.'




    From Chatham, England, these angular heartbreakers play excellent, wirey post-hardcore in the Jealous Records/Q and Not U vein. Intense live shows that remind me of Black Eyes or At The Drive In - crazy indie kids getting in your face and giving any hardcore band a run for their money...they play like they mean ever note.

    (Hopefully there will be a split 7" featuring these guys and our very own WAK when this happens!)



    me: [url]http://www.myspace.com/spiritofdivision[/url]
    mail me at: [b]thesonicdeathmonkey@hotmail.com[/b]

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  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Did you try the Spirit Store in Dundalk?
  3. avatar spirit of division
    not yet....i was kinda hoping someone would take it over and that it would be someone with an interest who would promote it rather than the hope people go....do you know anyone who actual books for the spirit store? I was told they really only do things on the weekend too :(
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    I sent ye a mail, we played there midweek recently enough. There's a good punk/hardccore crowd for it.
  5. avatar spirit of division
    I replied :) thank you :)
  6. avatar thesneakybandit
    send a wee email to mark [at] drop-d.ie
    he *might* be able to sort something out.
  7. avatar spirit of division
    mailed - thanks you :)
  8. avatar spirit of division
    Dublin show sorted - Sparrows will be on [u:e60d972782]early![/u:e60d972782] No We Are Knives, but there are other great bands - Sister (UK), Terrordactyl (IRE), Hooray For Humans (IRE).

    Teroordactyl slay!
  9. avatar barrypeak
    hey pete!
    will you be down?
    see you there.
  10. avatar spirit of division
    Not sure yet but probably - we need to pass Dublin anyway! See you there..if not say hey to sparrows....